Juniper JNCIP-ENT JN0-648 Exam Questions Available

JN0-648 is the new Enterprise Routing and Switching, Professional Exam instead of JN0-647. PassQuestion is a website very suitable to candidates who participate in the JNCIP-ENT certification JN0-648 exam. PassQuestion Juniper JNCIP-ENT JN0-648 Exam Questions can not only provide all the information related to the JNCIP-ENT certification JN0-648 exam for the candidates, but also provide a good learning opportunity for them. PassQuestion is able to help you pass Juniper JN0-648 exam successfully.

Juniper JNCIP-ENT JN0-648 Exam Questions Available

1. Which BGP message type contains NLRI information?


2. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are true regarding Q-in-Q tunneling? (Choose two.)


3. What is the correct authentication processing order on EX Series switches when multiple Layer 2 authentication methods are enabled?


4. You are implementing a single spanning tree instance in your network and want to use the protocol that will give you the best convergence time in the event of a physical network failure of the root bridge.

Which spanning tree protocol will satisfy this requirement?


5. What are three well-known mandatory BGP attributes? (Choose three.)


6. You have PIM SM multicast configured and running in a network environment comprised of EX4300 devices. Your customers report increased delay when switching channels using IPTV. To help decrease the delay, you implement PIM join load balancing. You add the set protocols pim join-load-balance command to the configuration. After committing, you notice that the flows are still using only one path.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?


7. You have configured CoS on a Junos device. A packet is classified as best effort by a behavior aggregate (BA) classifier, and as expedited forwarding by a multifield (MF) classifier.

Which statement is true in this scenario?


8. You must ensure that all management traffic sourced from your Junos devices is set with a specific DSCP code-point value.

Which action will accomplish this task?


9. Click the Exhibit button.

A router is attempting to form an OSPF neighborship with another router.

However, the OSPF neighborship fails to establish completely.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?


10. You are currently using VLAN IDs 2 through 300 within your Layer 2 domain and you need to configure VSTP to prevent loops. You must ensure that all VLANs are loop free.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?


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