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The 3171T Certification is one of the easier tests that you will experience in becoming Avaya APDS certified. This article is intended to give you some insight into the test to assist in your3171T Certification study efforts. You can get the latest Avaya APDS 3171T practice questions online from here to practice and get full version from, it is actually sufficient to help the candidates to pass through this exam easily with no other study supplies and no need to go to the actual costly training course.

Avaya APDS 3171T Practice Questions To Test Online

1. For the Unified Communications market, which is the correct description of the current market trends? (Please Choose Two)


2. What are the three aspects of the enterprise’s Tema Engagement requirements and solutions? (Please Select Three)


3. Which of the following are the strategic features of Avaya reduce the total owing cost and the offering value for the customers? (Please Choose Two)


4. Which of the following is used to highlight Avaya’s market value? (Please Select Two)


5. Avaya Aura Messaging supports a variety of high reliability and disaster recovery options.
Which of the following servers can support N+1 configurations?


6. A user is more concerned about the new voicemail power failure resolution mechanism, because they have encountered voicemail system is not available. This user network has two sets of PBX, the average distribution of users in two systems. Users are interested in the function of Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM).
From a design point of view, which Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM) deployment architecture can better meet the needs of users to avoid failure?


7. You recommend a single server version Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM) solution to customers, the customers want to know what to do if it had exceeded the system capacity limit or if it would like to decide to deploy Unified Messaging in the future.
You tell the user can migrate the user license of a single server version to multi-server version of the AAM, then how should deal with the existing hardware server?


8. Avaya Aura Messaging (AAM) 6.3 Deployment only allows the Exchange as the storage destination for the AAM system.
In view of this deployment, which description is correct? (Please Select Three)


9. Your customers believe that when employees are telecommuting, getting their status information can improve productivity. Their current communication system is provided by several suppliers. Assuming you are preparing for the next meeting, you have carefully studied Avaya Aura Presence Services.
Which of the following is correct description of Presence Services? (Please Select Two)


10. With the popularity of computers, many users have shifted from mobile-centric to more computer-centric. In response to this change, Avaya has a soft client. But it is not just a computer-based soft terminal, more attention to collaboration and display a variety of information.
In addition to providing intelligent online status information, what function the Presence Services can provide also?



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