Latest E20-555 Isilon Solutions and Design Specialist Exam questions

Isilon Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects is the full name of E20-555 exam, E20-555 exam is the qualifying exam for Specialist – Technology Architect, Isilon Solutions (DECS-TA) certification. You can practice in the following free E20-555 Isilon Solutions and Design Specialist Exam questions, it is collected from Passqustion DELL EMC E20-555 full version which can help you pass your E20-555 exam successfully.

E20-555 Isilon Solutions and Design Specialist Exam questions

1. A customer has a requirement for a new solution to handle their growing storage requirements. The solution should have the ability to cover storage needs for the next three years. The environment consists of 100 TBs of file system data spread across five file systems. On average, the file systems grow 1 TB a month. In addition, they have a large VMware cluster supporting 200 VMs and a highly transactional database.

The customer wants the solution to offer good performance, scalability, manageability, and be cost-effective. The sales team is looking to you to recommend a solution.

Which recommendation will meet the customer’s requirements?


2. How much space is consumed by a 4 KB file when the file data is written to the Isilon cluster?


3. Which type of infrastructure does the Isilon scalable appliance connect to on the front-end?


4. A customer needs to consolidate 300 TB of home directory servers and shared file systems used by development and test groups. A key requirement is to prevent the systems from consuming all free capacity and impacting home directory content.

Which Isilon node configuration should be proposed?


5. You are helping a customer create a cost-effective Isilon solution. The customer environment includes high IOPS-intensive, random access file-based applications.

Which Isilon storage node type will meet the customer’s needs?


6. How many layers are in the Isilon clustering architecture?


7. Which node type provides CPU, memory, and Fibre Channel connectivity?


8. Which Isilon OneFS job, that runs manually, is responsible for examining the entire file system for inconsistencies?


9. A customer has a supported cluster with the maximum protection level.

How many simultaneous node component failures can Isilon OneFS sustain while still allowing full access to the entire file system and dataset?


10. A customer wants an N+3 protection level on their cluster.

What is the minimum number of nodes they need to achieve that level of protection?


11. What does Isilon OneFS use to re-write data when a disk read fails?


12. An Isilon customer wants a job to periodically check disk sectors to ensure they can be read.

What should be recommended to the customer?


13. An Isilon customer wants a job to periodically validates the checksum of every block in the file system.

What should be recommended to the customer?


14. A company needs the ability to separate administrative rights from data access rights.

Which Isilon feature enables this functionality?


15. Which Isilon OneFS administration methods are enforced by RBAC?


16. Independent of protocol, what does Isilon OneFS use to translate identities?


17. Which protocol is integrated with Isilon OneFS to provide on-access file functionality?


18. Which impact policies are available on an Isilon cluster?


19. An Isilon storage administrator is concerned about capacity after ingesting 200 TB of file data. They recently added more nodes to the cluster and now want to auto-balance it as soon as possible.

The cluster utilization percentages for an average 24-hour period are: 45% during 00:00 – 08:59 60% during 09:00 – 17:00 85% during 17:01 – 23:59

The administrator wants to keep cluster utilization at a minimum.

Which Impact Policy settings should be used to quickly complete the job without impacting the production workload?


20. Which Isilon job has a default priority of ‘1’?


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