LSSGB Certification Questions To Pass Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam

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LSSGB Certification Questions To Pass Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam

1. The use of station warning lights, tool boards and jidohka devices in the application of Lean accomplish which of these principles?


2. A Lean Principle that addresses efficiency by the process worker is called ____________________?


3. While management of a company must set the stage for all improvement efforts, which of these 5S’s is primarily driven by management?


4. As part of a Visual Factory plan __________ cards are created and utilized to identify areas in need of cleaning and organization.


5. The use of Kanbans work best with pull systems for determining the timing of which products or services are produced.


6. When a Belt applies the practice of Poka-Yoke to a project challenge she is attempting to make certain the activity is _______________ .


7. The Lean Principle action in the 5S approach that deals with having those items needed regularly at hand and those items need less regularly stored out of the way is known as ___________.


8. SPC on the outputs is more preferred than SPC on the inputs when implementing SPC for your process.


9. Significant variation in process performance is a consequence of several causes that can be classified using which of the terminologies shown. (Note: There are 2 correct answers).


10. When it comes to Control one of the most effective means of eliminating defects is to ____________.


11. A periodic time frame can be used to arrange for Control Limit and Center Line calculations with good SPC implementation in a process.


12. The data on SPC charts are typically constructed such that they have the most recent data point on the right hand side.


13. Which statement(s) describe an undesirable situation when implementing SPC?


14. If a process has Outliers which pair of charts is most preferable if subgroups will exist for the Continuous Data?


15. After a Belt has put data through the smoothing process which chart would be used to look for trends in the data?


16. A Belt concludes a Lean Six Sigma project with the creation of a Control Plan. At what point can the Control Plan be closed?


17. When analyzing a data set we frequently graph one metric as a function of another. If the slope of the Correlation line is -2.5 we would say the two metrics are ___________ correlated?


18. Multiple Linear Regressions (MLR) is best used when which of these are applicable? (Note: There are 3 correct answers).


19. Fractional Factorial designs for an experimental approach are used when ____________ about the multiple metric interaction in a process.


20. A Belt will occasionally do a quick experiment referred to as an OFAT which stands for ____________________.


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