Managing Successful Programmes Foundation MSPF Exam Questions

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Managing Successful Programmes Foundation MSPF Free Questions

1. Programmes initiate, monitor and align the projects


2. Which part of the scope of programme quality is MOST likely to be concerned with making best use of skills and experience?


3. What programme role is MOST likely to also have a role within a project board to represent the interests of the business?


4. Which information is included in Benefit Profiles?


5. Aligns the programme with corporate strategy


6. What role is responsible for tracking the progress of risk responses?


7. Which label refers to one of the organizational risk perspectives?


8. Which should be done during the process Closing a Programme?


9. Which is a trigger for a compliance programme?


10. Which is a governance theme?


11. What type of programme is sometimes referred to as a ’must do’ programme?


12. What does the ‘I’ stand for in POTI, the model that helps with Blueprint development?


13. Which is represented in a summary risk profile?


14. Include the costs for tools to track and report on progress,


15. What role description includes support for project assurance and health checks which is independent of the projects?


16. Which is evidenced by the Business Case?


17. Which is ensured by the Business Change Manager in the process Realizing the Benefits?


18. What is the step in the Benefits Management Cycle that includes carrying out activities to transition the capabilities delivered by the projects into outcomes?


19. Should include all possible constraints


20. What role focuses on ensuring appropriate ownership of risks relating to external events beyond the boundaries of the programme?


21. Which activity includes addressing the disadvantages of ‘doing nothing’ to those stakeholders that object to the programme?


22. Which is a responsibility of the Programme Manager?


23. Which is NOT representative of the programme management principles?


24. What process provides the outputs required to deliver the Blueprint?


25. Which is NOT a programme management principle?


26. Which is a purpose of a summary risk profile?


27. Which describes an impact of a risk?


28. Which is an example of a programme resource?


29. Which is a description of a programme resource?


30. What document defines the performance measures that will show whether a benefit is being realized?


31. Which is NOT a core element of successful communications?


32. Which is one of the three core concepts of the MSP framework?


33. Which statement relates to preparing the programme plan?


34. Audit trail is established


35. Which is a governance area of focus for the Programme Manager in consultation with other stakeholders?


36. What document describes a programme’s projects, their timescales and dependencies?


37. Which is a focus of the Programme Office in managing risks and issues?


38. What role has a focus on leading reviews and ensuring adequate assurance is designed into controls?


39. Which is an outcome?


40. Which is a transformational flow process?


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