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Test Online Marketo MCE Free Questions

1. Which two asset types can be used in an engagement program stream? (Choose two.)


2. In which two ways can a marketer avoid a spamtrap? (Choose two.)


3. A marketer wants to create a Program Performance Report that shows the performance for all programs targeting a certain geographic region.

What would be the best way to accomplish this?


4. Which type of leads will receive a non-operational email?


5. A marketer is creating an autoresponder email to send a link to a piece of content.

What is an incorrect use of a token?


6. Given the Active Lead Model program:

From where are the tokens inherited?


7. A colleague reviewed a Marketo program setup and noticed that one of the landing page URLs is not SEO-friendly and needs to be changed.

How can the URL of the landing page be changed?


8. Which two statements differentiate smart lists from segmentations? (Choose two.)


9. A marketing and sales organization agrees on a service level agreement for prospects who request demos through Marketo landing pages. The marketing department is tasked with building a Smart Campaign that sends an immediate auto-reply email to the prospect, and 30 minutes afterwards, sends an email notification to the lead owner.

What is the correct order in the Smart Campaign flow setup?


10. A marketer has a global form that is used on five white-paper landing pages.

How can the marketer determine which leads filled out the form on a specific landing page?


11. By using tokens in an email, a marketer wants to make an email more relevant to a list of 253 recipients from different organizations.

What is an incorrect use of tokens in this situation?


12. A lead is deemed sales ready.

What is an appropriate method to communicate this to sales?


13. What is the difference between hard bounces and soft bounces?


14. A marketer has created a Smart Campaign with the Flow displayed in the screenshot:

Which attribute(s) will be updated if a Lead is running through the Flow and all Choices except the Default Choice would match?



A company has never done lead scoring before and wants to build a scoring model.

Match each stakeholder to the most appropriate type of insight the stakeholder can provide during model development.

Answer options may be used more than once or not at all.

16. The marketing department of a technology company believes the use of “Servers” in the subject line will increase open rates of an email. To prove this, an A/B test will be utilized.

Given the screenshot:

In which component of the Control Panel will the schedule for the email be set?


17. Which two behaviors can be tracked with Munchkin code? (Choose two.)


18. The email marketing manager wants to reset the score for all leads who have been unengaged.

Which value in the CHANGE SCORE Flow Step will reset the leads’ score?


19. By completing a form on the website, a lead is indicating interest in exploring the company products and solutions and is deemed sales ready.

How can this be communicated to sales?


20. A marketer wants to identify duplicate leads using the person’s full name instead of email address.

How can the marketer accomplish this task?


21. Which step is necessary to add a custom column to a lead report?


22. Michael has created two smart campaigns in two different programs.

The flow for each smart campaign is shown below.

Once a person achieves success (Influenced) in the 2020 Industry Predictions Ebook, Michael wants to send the person the invite email for the weekly demo.

Which modifications must Michael make to the smart campaigns to achieve this?


23. A service level agreement (SLA) between sales and marketing requires that if sales marks a lead as Unqualified, an Unqualified Reason must be provided. The marketing team wants to nurture those leads.

What should be added as a flow step in a Smart Campaign to accomplish this?


24. An engagement program has a group of leads that a marketer no longer wants to send emails.

Removing leads from the program also causes which data to be removed?


25. A marketing director is asked to email leads to invite them to a company event.

Which Program Channel Type should be used to register leads and host the event onsite?


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