Maya12-A Exam Questions To Pass Maya 2012 Certified Associate Examination

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Test Online Maya 2012 Certified Associate Maya12-A Free Questions

1. When choosing an NISC Video Image preset, in addition to image width and height, which other setting is changed


2. Which attribute is used to control the number of specular highlights that appear on a rendered object?


3. Which of the following BEST describes the Blend Shape deformer?

The Blend Shape deformer…


4. Which statement is most accurate? DmapAutofocus…


5. What is the purpose of clipping planes in cameras?


6. To control a Soft Body simula-tion that is out of hand, you can…


7. A suitable method to have the spaceship move along the green line shown in the image is:


8. How is a Soft Body different from a Rigid Body?


9. What does the Search and Replace Names option help you rename?


10. "Swimming" is a potential problem with Projected textures. This is an effect where it looks like the animated object is moving or ‘swimming’ through the texture.

What can be done to fix this? Select all that apply.


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