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Test Begin:

1. You are creating a set of system views.

Which three options can you configure for the views? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


2. You create a Publisher and add entities to a solution.

What are two outcomes of this action? Each correct answer presents a complete sion.


3. Which two statements are exclusive to managed solutions and not unmanaged solutions? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.


4. You export five modified system security roles from a development environment as an unmanaged solution. You solution into a production environment.

Which of the following statements is true regarding the import of the unmanaged solution?


5. You need to display data that is referenced by a lookup field on a form.

Which option should you use?


6. You add a lookup for contacts to the case form. You need to display the most recent primary phone number for a contact on the case form while minimizing administrative effort.

What should you do?


7. Which two form areas allow you to read from and write to all visible fields? Each answer presents a complete solution.


8. Which statement regarding ordering of items in the mobile navigation menu is


9. Which three statements regarding form design or behavior for the mobile phone or tablet application are true? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.


10. Which two series aggregate functions are only available on numeric field data types? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.


11. Which of the following chart types can be configured as an organization-owned chart but not as a user owned chart?


12. You implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customers.

A customer reports that their sales support staff is taking too much time updating the probability on opportunities.

You must display an Editable Grid control when users view the Opportunity entity from the web. You must display a read-only grid when users view opportunities on a tablet device.

What should you do?


13. You create a custom field and set the requirement level to Business Required. For which scenarios is the requirement level enforced?


14. You are creating a field for a form. You need to ensure that users can Which data type should you


15. You configure a 1:N relationship between two entities and set the cascade rule for deletion to Referential.

What effect does deleting the parent record have on any child records?


16. What is the character limit for a Single Line of Text field?


17. You need to create a custom entity to host records that are owned by salespeople in the Which entity type should you use?


18. You enable status reason transitions for the case entity.

You cannot reactivate a case due to an issue with the current status reason.

You need to correct the issue.

What should you do?


19. For which of the following scenarios can you delete an entity?


20. You are designing a managed solution that will be deployed to another part of the business. Users may want to customize specific parts of the solution after the solution is installed.

Which capability represents a managed property that users can configure;’


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