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BCS Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes 2018 is the full name of MBP18b exam. PassQuestion new cracked MBP18 Certification Questions which cover all the exam objectives and real questions and answers to help you write your MBP18 exam easily. You will feel confident to pass your MBP18 Certification exam with PassQuestion MBP18 Certification Questions.

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1. Below is a business process model for a goods ordering process:

What error has been made in this diagram?


2. As part helps disadvantaged child, It works in partnership with local education authorities and health services to supported those children who need it most. The charity has 5 trustees, 27 full-time employees and 33 volunteers.

As what will the volunteers be shown on an organsation model of the charity?


3. A record company is implementing a new system to replace an existing legacy system. The project has challenging as the new system must be implemented before support for the existing system is withdrawn. The business users have been involved throughout the project and their confidence in the new system is high.

Which implementation approach is the LEAST appropriate in this situation?


4. The following is an activity diagram of a trail company’s rules determining ticket type.

Two elements of the business rule shown are:

All travel before 10am is at Full Fare and only Standard Ticket are issued.

Off Peak tickets are issued for travel after 10am.

What is another element of this rule?


5. Go ahead with order: Place order for enquirers who have accepted the price and delivery date.

What approach to improving business processes would bring an immediate improvement in this process?


6. ANTAB specializes in manufacturing tablet computer, which are rebadged by its customers and sold under the customer’s brand name. Recently, some customer have suggested that a dual-boot tablet that can run more than one operating system would improve their competitive edge.

This would require a significant changein the manufacturing process and will require a decision from senior management, supported by a business case.

How would this suggestion by represented on an organization model of ANTAB’s business?


7. No Exit Suppliers has decided to implement a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) inventory management solution to improve its stock (Inventory) control Before the solution is implemented, all current stock levels and stock locations will be migrated into a related database to ensure that the solution starts with accurate information. Once the system is implemented, all stock movements will be tracked via barcode scanningtechnology.

To ensure that the proposed solution is acceptable, which exceptional condition MUST be proved?


8. A classic car racing club has regular race days.

A business analyst has produced a series of ‘to-be’ business process models, showing re-designed tasks and process improvements these redesigned tasks and processes include:

– Monitor race positions The real-time display of race positions and lap times.

– Inspect cars Cars need to comply with racing regulations and experts are required to inspect cars both before and after a race

– Restrict access to the cars and the pits needs to be restricted to selected people and these access restrictions need to be enforced

– Comply with data protection legislation. All proposed record management systems must

comply with government regulation concerning data storage and access.

Which of these is a functional requirement of an IT solution?


9. In order to identify potential improvements, a business analyst has been asked to document the current customer sales experience in a large, electrical superstore. Whilst shadowing a customer service advisor, a sale was lost because the advisor couldn’t authorise a price discount for a customer, who had seen the product advertised at a lower price by a competitor. The customer advisor tried to discount the product to match the competitor’s price but was unable to do so.

The customer service advisor explained that this discounting required management approval and. unfortunately, both managers authorised to do this were on their lunch break

What element of the POPII model had caused the sale to fail?


10. Currently, all training offered by a company is delivered through classroom-based courses. The companyrecognizes that there is a need to offer a broader method of instruction. Such a change will enable company to return its market share and grow its customer base.

The proposed solution, driven by the IT department, will offer courses delivered over the web and ‘on demand.’’ this will include supported videos, games and quizzes. All courses will be accredited by examination bodies and sample exams will also be offered online. Student will be able to make online notes as needed and back these up. 10 guard against accident loss.

The following have been identified on ‘to-be process models:

a) Watch Video

b) Create quiz

c) Accredit course.

d) Undertake sample examination.

e) Backup

Which of these would be considered as functional requirements relating to student use of the proposed IT system?


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