MikroTik Certified Network Associate Exam MTCNA Real Questions (216 Q&As)

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Test Practice MikroTik Certified Network Associate Exam MTCNA Free Questions

1. RouterOS log messages are stored on disk by default


2. What does the firewall action "Redirect" do? Select all true statements.


3. What does the command routerA(config)#line cons 0 allow you to perform next?


4. You would like to allow multiple logins with one user name on a Hot-Spot server.

How should this be configured?


5. How long is level 1 (demo) license valid?


6. Which statements are true regarding ICMP packets?

ICMP guarantees datagram delivery.

ICMP can provide hosts with information about network problems.

ICMP is encapsulated within IP datagrams.

ICMP is encapsulated within UDP datagrams.


7. When backing up your router by using the ‘Export’ command, the following happens:


8. What wireless card can we use to achieve 100 Mbps actual wireless throughput?


9. Which computers would be able to communicate directly (without any routers involved):


10. If a packet comes to a router and starts a new, previously unseen connection, which connection state would be applied to it?


11. Action=redirect applies to


12. How many usable IP addresses are there in a 23-bit ( subnet?


13. When sending out an ARP request, an IP host is expecting what kind of address for an answer?


14. What is marked by connection-state=established matcher?


15. What kind of users are listed in the "/user" menu?


16. In which order are the entries in Access List and Connect List processed?


17. What is the minimal possible wireless configuration to create an Access Point?


18. Which of the following is the decimal and hexadecimal equivalents of the binary number 10011101?


19. Which of the following protocols / port s are used for SNMP. (Simple Network Managemnt Protocol)


20. It is required to make a web server on a private LAN visible on the Public Internet. Only the web server port should be visible to the public.

Which of the following configuration steps must be met? (select all that apply)


21. What is the default protocol/port of (secure) winbox?


22. On the advanced menu of the wireless setup there is a parameter called “Area”, it works directly with:


23. Where can you monitor (see addresses and ports) real-time connections which are

processed by the router?


24. How many different priorities can be selected for queues in MikroTik RouterOS?


25. MAC layer by OSI model is also known as


26. What protocol does PPP use to identify the Network layer protocol?


27. Router A and B are both running as PPPoE servers on different broadcast domains of your network. It is possible to set Router A to use "/ppp secret" accounts from Router B to authenticate PPPoE customers.


28. You have a router with configuration

– Public IP :

– Default gateway:

– DNS server:,

– Local IP:

Mark the correct configuration on client PC to access to the Internet


29. Domain name system (DNS) requests can use protocol/port:


30. Action=redirect allows you to make


31. What does the passive command provide to dynamic routing protocols?


32. Is it possible to limit how many clients are able to connect to an access point?


33. It is possible to create an encrypted PPPoE tunnel in RouterOS:


34. For user in local PPP Secrets/PPP Profiles database, it is possible to


35. Which of the following is the valid host range for the subnet on which the IP address resides?


36. Firewall NAT rules process only the first packet of each connection.


37. Which of these are possible solutions to bridge two networks over a wireless link:


38. To back up an IOS, what command will you use?


39. Which of the following are layers in the TCP/IP model?





Data Link



40. Which is a default baud-rate of currently manufactured RouterBOARDs?


41. What is term for the hardware coded address found on an interface?


42. Which class of IP address has the most host addresses available by default?


43. What kind of users are listed in the Secrets window of the PPP menu?


44. What command is used to create a backup configuration?


45. Which of the following services use UDP?








46. Evaluate the following information:

Access Point configuration:

— wlan1 is in ‘AP-Bridge’ mode

— Bridge1 has wlan1 and ether1 as ports CPE configuration:

— wlan1 is in ‘Station-Bridge’ mode

— Bridge1 has wlan1 and ether1 as ports

Select protocols that will pass from ether1 on the CPE to ether1 on the Access Point.


47. Which firewall chain should you use to filter clients HTTP traffic going through the router?


48. Which one of the following is true regarding VLANs?


49. Collisions are possible in fullduplex Ethernet networks


50. You have a DHCP server on your MikroTik router. The IP addresses are distributed in the DHCP network. Additionally, 3 static IP address are defined for your servers:

After a while 20 more IP addresses need to be distributed in the network. It is possible to distribute the extra IP address without adding another DHCP Server:


51. What does this simple queue do (check the image)?


52. If you use either Telnet or FTP, which is the highest layer you are using to transmit data?


53. Which class of IP address provides a maximum of only 254 host addresses per network ID?


54. There are two wireless cards (wlan1 and wlan2) which are bridged together. On wlan1 card there is a setting "Forwarding=no". Choose the correct answer(s):


55. PPP Secrets are used for


56. What is possible with Netinstall?


57. Which features are removed when advanced-tools package is uninstalled?


58. In which order are the entries in Access List and Connect List processed?


59. Please select valid scan-list values in interface wireless configuration:


60. It is possible to create a configuration where VLAN and PPTP interfaces are bridged together.


61. Which protocol does DHCP use at the Transport layer?


62. How many collision domains are created when you segment a network with a 12-port switch?


63. Which of the following is used in standard 802.11 wireless networks?


64. Which type of encryption could be used to establish a connection with a simple passkey without using a 802.1X authentication server?


65. Which is the default port of IP-Winbox?


66. Select minimal set of software packages in RouteOS required to configuring a wireless AP


67. Which command is used to determine if an IP access list is enabled on a particular interface?


68. Which WLAN IEEE specification allows up to 54Mbps at 2.4GHz?


69. When adding a static route, you must always ensure that you add both the gateway and the interface.


70. Which layer 4 protocol is used for a Telnet connection?


71. A client that has successfully connected to a wireless network is considered to be which of the following? Choose all that apply:


72. A network ready device is directly connected to a MikroTik Router BOARD 750 with a correct U.T.P. RJ45 functioning cable. The device is configured with an IPv4 address of using a subnet mask of

What will be a valid IPv4 address for the Router BOARD 750 for a successful connection to the device?


73. You need to reboot a RouterBoard after importing a previously exported rsc file to activate the new configuration.


74. Where is a hub specified in the OSI model?


75. Which port does PPTP use by default?


76. MikroTik RouterOS commands can be run once a day by:


77. Action=redirect is applied in


78. Which of the following is NOT a valid MAC Address?


79. In which situations can Netinstall NOT be used to install a RouterBOARD?


80. What PPP protocol provides dynamic addressing, authentication, and multilink?


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