MS-500 Practice Test Questions – Microsoft 365 Security Administration

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MS-500 Practice Test Questions – Microsoft 365 Security Administration

1. You need to recommend a solution for the user administrators that meets the security requirements for auditing.

Which blade should you recommend using from the Azure Active Directory admin center?


2. Which IP address space should you include in the MFA configuration?


3. You need to implement Windows Defender ATP to meet the security requirements.

What should you do?


4. You need to meet the technical requirements for User9.

What should you do?


5. Which role should you assign to User1?


6. You have a hybrid Microsoft 365 environment. All computers run Windows 10 and are managed by using Microsoft Intune. You need to create a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) conditional access policy that will allow only Windows 10 computers marked as compliant to establish a VPN connection to the on-premises network.

What should you do first?


7. You have a Microsoft 365 subscription. From the Microsoft 365 admin center, you create a new user. You plan to assign the Reports reader role to the user. You need to see the permissions of the Reports reader role.

Which admin center should you use?


8. You have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

You need to ensure that all users who are assigned the Exchange administrator role have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled by default.

What should you use to achieve the goal?


9. Your company has a Microsoft 365 subscription. The company forbids users to enroll personal devices in mobile device management (MDM). Users in the sales department have personal iOS devices. You need to ensure that the sales department users can use the Microsoft Power BI app from iOS devices to access the Power BI data in your tenant. The users must be prevented from backing up the app’s data to iCloud.

What should you create?


10. You configure several Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) policies in a Microsoft 365 subscription. You need to allow a user named User1 to view ATP reports in the Threat management dashboard.

Which role provides User1with the required role permissions?


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