NCDA NS0-161 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

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NCDA NS0-161 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

1. You want to create a FlexGroup volume that contains four aggregates with eight constituents each. In this scenario, what is the value of the aggregate list multiplier?


2. You want to asynchronously replicate an SVM’s volumes and configuration to another NetApp cluster.

Which data protection technology accomplishes this task?


3. What are three advantages of configuring network subnets? (Choose three.)


4. What is the maximum number of nodes in a cluster that the Cisco Nexus 5010 supports?


5. Which aggregate type is supported for Flash Pool?


6. You want to enable jumbo frames on a NetApp storage system.

Which network object would you modify to accomplish this task?


7. What is the maximum number of node a SAN cluster in Data ONTAP 9 can have?


8. Which three statements are true for mailbox disks per node in an HA pair? (Choose three.)


9. What is an array LUN?


10. What is the compression group size for adaptive compression?


11. Which NetApp tool is used to perform a configuration validation and health check that includes a highavailability setup?


12. A storage administrator moves a LUN from one volume to another In this scenario, what is left behind in the volume?


13. You must create a CIFS share for a replicated destination volume for read-only access to the files. In this scenario, which task must be completed before you create the share?


14. You use the Automated Workload Analyzer (AWA) to identify workloads that would benefit from which feature?


15. For NDMP to be aware of a vserver, what actions needs to be taken? (choose three)


16. Which two NFS versions are supported on clustered Data ONTAP 9? (Choose two.)


17. What is the maximum number of nodes a NAS cluster can have?


18. A customer has an aggregate, aggr1_01 with three RAID groups: rg0, rg1, and rg2. Each RAID group has 15 disks, and the aggregate’s maximum RAID group size is set to 18 disks.

The customer adds three additional disks to the aggregate using the following command:

storage aggregate add-disks –aggregate aggr1_01 –diskcount 3

How are the RAID groups affected by this command?


19. Exhibit:

On the first LUN entry shown in the exhibit, a hyphen (-) appears under reporting-nodes.

What are two reasons why the hyphen appears? (Choose two.)


20. What is a characteristic of a single-node cluster?


21. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, whi ch LIF role is required to copy to cloud with this NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) solu tion?


22. Your company is merging with another company. You are asked to setup your AFFA 400 cluster to support two networks that have the same overlapping 24 subnet.

In this scenario, what must you create, to enable the same subnet with overlapping IPs on the same cluster?


23. Your customer has an NTFS volume that they want to access over both SMB and NFS. The client explains that SMB access works fine, but the clients are unable to NFS mount the volume.

What are three reasons that would cause this issue? (Choose three.)


24. You want to create a new SVM for serving NFS data using the Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) Setup wizard.

In this scenario, which object is created automatically during the setup process?


25. Click the Exhibit button.

You configured LACP between a 2-node AFF 220 system and two Ethernet switches using multi chassis Ether-channel for redundancy. You sent the network connection diagram in the exhibit to your network team to cable and configure the switch. You noticed partial connectivity on the AFF A220 for the interface groups.

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)


26. Your company requires that all data must be encrypted inflight to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.

What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


27. What are three supported fabric-attached Metro Cluster solutions? (Choose three.)


28. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, what are two reasons why no initiators are displayed in the initiators’ igroup screen? (Choose two.)


29. You are configuring an ONTAP cluster to use NV Me/FC.

In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


30. Click the Exhibit button.

A customer has zoned switches to a host, but the host cannot see the LUNs.

Referring to the exhibit, what needs to be done to make the LUNs visible to the host?


31. Click the Exhibit button.

A customer has an issue with performance on an NVMe solution. The SV Misusing all four ports shown

in the exhibit.

In this scenario, how would the customer improve the host performance?


32. Click the Exhibit button.

You have a 2-node cluster cabled as shown in the exhibit. You want to convert the cluster to a switched cluster.

Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)


33. Click the Exhibit button.

You have an ONTAP 9.7 cluster. You increased the size of the volume to 3 TB, but the IOPs did not increase as expected.

What are the expected IOPS for the volume after the change?


34. You are the administrator of your company’s ONTAP 9.7 storage system. Your system hosted CIFS shares in your Active Directory environment for several years without any problems. Suddenly users report to you that they can no longer access their CIFS shares.

What is the reason for this problem?


35. Click the Exhibit button.

You are planning to present storage to your servers from your AFF system using the FC protocol. You have a pair of Fc switches to ensure connectivity and you have decided to use WWPN zoning.

Referring to the exhibit, which two WWPNs do you use for your configuration? (Choose two.)


36. You must enable remote authentication and grant a remote administrator either cluster admin or vsadmin access.

In this scenario, which three authentication types are supported for ONTAP 9.7? (Choose three.)


37. You are asked to delete an SVM that was used for CIFS.

Which two steps must be completed prior to completing this task? (Choose two.)


38. Click the Exhibit button.

Your ONTAP 9.7 cluster failed a security audit on the management control plane. Your network security team asked you to allow only cluster1 and SVM1 management on the subnet.

In this scenario, where do you apply the default-management service policy shown in the exhibit?


39. You have a new ONTAP 9.7 2-node AFF A300 cluster with 2x DS224C full shelves of 3.8 TB encrypted SSDs.

In this scenario, which statement matches the factory disk-ownership setting?


40. Which two protocols does ALUA support on an ONTAP cluster? (Choose two.)


41. You are asked to separate replication and data traffic into their own individual VLANs. You created two new VLANs and need to create logical interfaces (LIFs).

In this scenario, what must you do before creating the LIFs?


42. You created a new SVM with two NFS data volumes. You have a Linux host on the same subnet as the SVM that is able to NFS mount, however a Linux host on a different subnet is not able to NFS mount.

You confirmed that the export policy rules are correct.

In this scenario, which configuration will solve the mount failure?


43. Which two resources are managed by an SVM administrator? (Choose two.)


44. You want to use external tools to monitor your ONTAP cluster’s performance metrics so you’re your operations team does not have to log in to the cluster.

Which three tools allow you to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)


45. You currently have an 8-node cluster and want to perform a rolling upgrade to a newer version of ONTAD to solve security issues reported in the Active IQ Web site.

In this scenario, which two steps should you validate before you perform the upgrade? (Choose two.)


46. When deploying NVMe/FC, what must be supported and enabled on the host to ensure proper multipathing?


47. You have a FAS8200 serving a dataset with a high volume of random reads. The dataset is highly optimized by deduplication and compression.

In this scenario, which compression setting provides both high performance and storage efficiency?


48. You are asked to deploy a two-node ONTAP Select system. The physical hardware is located in two different locations. You must ensure high availability and automated switchover.

Which two steps would you take to satisfy this requirement? (Choose two)


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