NCM-MCI-5.15 Exam Questions To Pass Nutanix Certified Master – Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) 5.15

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NCM-MCI-5.15 Exam Questions To Pass Nutanix Certified Master – Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) 5.15

1. An administrator responsible for a VDI environment needs to investigate reports of slow logins. The administrator finds that increasing the number of vCPUs from 2 to 4 will reduce the login times. Production workloads are consuming 75% of the host CPU on the cluster. The administrator increases the vCPU count on all of the VDI VMs.

What are two impacts on the cluster? (Choose two.)


2. An administrator is using Nutanix Move to migrate a Windows VM from ESXi to AHV. Automated guest preparation is failing with an error:

Account has UAC enabled error

The administrator is using the local built-in administrator account for the Windows VM Admin approval mode must remain enabled.

What should the administrator do to continue with the migration with Nutanix Move?


3. A VM is exhibiting one or more of the following baseline values based on the past 30 days:

  • CPU usage < 20%
  • CPU ready time < 5%
  • Memory usage < 50% (moderately) or < 20% (severely)
  • Memory swap rate = 0 Kbps

Which type of VM is being described?


4. An administrator receives reports that VDI desktop performance in an 8-node Nutanix VDI environment is poor. Opening applications takes between 1 and 2 minutes.

When investigating the issue, the following conditions are found:

  • Cluster memory utilization: 80%
  • Cluster SSD utilization: 70%
  • Average VM CPU Wait Time: 11%
  • CVM CPU utilization: 75%

Which action should be taken to improve VDI performance?


5. An administrator has a custom backup application that requires a 2TB disk and runs in Windows. Throughput is considerably lower than expected.

The application was installed on a VM with the following configuration:

  • Four vCPUs with one core/vCPU
  • 4GB of Memory
  • One 50GB vDisk for the Windows installation
  • One 2TB vDisk for the application

What is the recommended configuration change to improve throughput?


6. A customer recently set up Async Replication between Site A and Site B. The customer wants to conduct a planned failover and clicks Activate on Site B.

The customer then runs the following command on Site A:

ncli pd deactivate_and__destroy_vms name=<protection_domain_name>

What does this do to the customer environment?


7. An administrator needs to forecast infrastructure requirements for a new program and its associated applications. Prior to the projected start of the new program, all existing applications will be decommissioned.

How should the administrator perform this task?


8. A customer has a primary datacenter with 12 Nutanix blocks distributed across three racks. The customer wants to achieve the most resiliency possible. They also have a datacenter in a branch office that is 400 kilometers away from the primary datacenter.

Which two solutions should be used? (Choose two.)


9. An administrator is concerned that Prism will be inaccessible if Active Directory is unable to process logins.

Which method should the administrator use to access the cluster in the event of this type of outage?


10. A customer has NearSync configured. When the administrator tries to restore a snapshot from 3 minutes ago, it is not available. The snapshots are happening at 15-minute intervals instead of at the 5-minute configured interval. When the protection domain was initially set up, the snapshots were happening at the expected 5-minute interval.

What should the customer do to enable the snapshots to happen at the expected interval?


11. An administrator deploys Exchange on a Nutanix cluster.

The administrator creates two containers with RF2 configuration:

  • One container for Exchange
  • One container for the other VMs

The Exchange VM is experiencing I/O performance issues.

Which changes to Storage Optimization should be used on the Exchange container to enhance I/O performance?


12. While creating an image placement policy on the organizations AOS 5.15-based Nutanix cluster, the administrator wants to ensure there are no restrictions on using the selected images on clusters outside of the identified set.

What type of Policy Enforcement must the administrator choose?


13. An administrator protected a DB VM running on a Nutanix cluster with NearSync Replication, which schedules to repeat every 15 minutes to a second site. The daily change rate is low. During nightly backups, the replication window is missed due to write volume.

Which two options describe the expected behavior? (Choose two.)


14. An administrator is deploying a three-tier application on a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud consisting of web, application, and database VMs. Traffic between the servers must be limited to specific services/ports. There is an application layer firewall VM deployed on one host in the cluster.

In which way should the administrator meet this requirement?


15. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator has an existing cluster and needs to improve performance using AHV Turbo.

Which two items are required to achieve even greater performance? (Choose two.)


16. An administrator is performing a set of routine checks and notes that Prism Central is running with 4 vCPUs and 21 GB RAM. The organizations environment is based on two Nutanix clusters with 170 VMs plus a Legacy vSphere infrastructure. No manual changes have been done on Prism Central VM.

Which configuration justifies the current Prism Central configuration?


17. An administrator finds that home shares cannot be configured in a new Files 3.5 deployment.

Why is this happening?


18. Refer to the exhibit.

A Microsoft SQL 2016 deployment is shown in the exhibit. The administrator receives user reports that database queries take too long to return.

Which optimization should be made to this configuration to improve performance?


19. An administrator of a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud has microsegmentation enabled and a firewall VM installed. The security team notifies the administrator that one of the VMs hosted in the environment has been exhibiting suspect network activity. The administrator wants to isolate the VM from the production network, but must still be able to access it to perform diagnostics.

What should the administrator do to meet the requirement?


20. An administrator migrates a VM onto a new Nutanix cluster. After the migration, the administrator observes the following conditions:

  • Cluster memory utilization: 64%
  • Cluster CPU utilization: 19%
  • Cluster storage utilization: 32%
  • Average VM CPU utilization: 25%
  • Average VM CPU ready%: 24%
  • Average VM memory utilization: 60%

Which two changes should the administrator make to improve VM performance? (Choose two.)


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