NCSE Level 1 Test Questions To Pass Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE): Level 1

The Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer: Level 1 Exam tests candidates on their skills and abilities speaking to, evangelizing and differentiating Nutanix technologies. PassQuestion NCSE Level 1 Test Questions are your best learning tools. PassQuestion NCSE Level 1 Test Questions collect and analysis many outstanding questions that have come up in the past exam. According to the latest syllabus, the dumps add many new questions and it can guarantee you pass the exam at the first attempt.

Practice Online Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE): Level 1 NCSE Level 1 Free Questions

1. A prospect is concerned about the suitability and design of using Nutanix for an upcoming Avaya IP Office migration.

Which type of document should the SE provide?


2. ABC Corp currently has 50 VMs currently running in production and is interested in sizing a DR cluster. The RTO is 4 hours and the RPO is 2 hours.

Each VM has 100GB of data, with a 5% daily change rate .for retention the customer wants to keep 2 weeks of snaps on the DR cluster.

What is the minimum amount of storage capacity for the remote cluster to meet the customer’s data retention?


3. Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the Sizing scenario, what level of resiliency can be inferred about the configuration?


4. During a meeting with a prospect a storage administrator comments that they’re currently using 16Gb Fibre Channel for their SAN and believes that 10Gb Ethernet can’t provide adequate bandwidth or low latency.

As a followup to the meeting, which Nutanix Bible section would be most helpful in overcoming the storage administrator’s objection?


5. A customer has deployed Nutanix with Esxi for VDI workloads and is considering Nutanix for a major server virtualization project. The customer is running z/Virtual Machine today for a mission critical workload and would like to consider Nutanix as a potential platform.

Which reason would currently disqualify this prospect as an opportunity?


6. A prospect discloses they have had multiple instances of unplanned downtime in the last 3 months due to server hardware failures. The team has been through multiple reorganizations in support of a struggling cloud migration project. As a result, cummunication whith in the team has suffered and some notifications from their SNMP based monitoring solution have been ignored.

Which Nutanix feature should the SE highlight?


7. An SE is building a solution for a federal goverment prospect that u?

Which two items are required to deliver a solution that meens the encryption (choose two)?


8. Customer requests a 30-day POC to test Microsoft SQL Server performance on Nutanix compared to existing infrastructure.

Which action should be taken to avoid the POC?


9. A prospect is evaluating solutions to support a project. The SE proposes a hybrid model as recommended by size in addition to nutanix, the prospect is evaluating an all flash storage array. The storage administrator is concerned about the performance the hybrid configuration and claims that the flash array is less expensive the it Director sees the benefits of Nutanix but needs to address the team’s concerns.

Which two Nutanix features should be discussed to address the concems of the storage administrator? (Choose two)


10. A prospects main goal are to replace their mainframe environment, cut their datacenter footprint, and improve disaster recovery for mission critical applications.

Which collection of documents should the SE use to show the prospect how Nutanix can help them reach their goals?


11. A prospect’s existing SAN-based environment regularly experiences unpredictable storage performance and latency spikes during peak utilization. The most highly affected workload is general server virtualization.

Which Nutanix feature addresses this pain point?


12. An SE is meeting with a prospect that is refreshing infrastructure in 100 retail locations. Currently the stores use vSphere hosts connected to direct attached storage and are managed by 6 separate vCenter servers. On-site retail staff is unqualified to deal with any hardware break/fix issues.

Which two aspects of Nutanix solution should the SE highlight? (Choose two)


13. An SE is building a solution for Federal government prospect that requires FIPS 140-2 Level 2 encryption for data at rest.

Which two items are required to deliver a solution that meets the encryption standard? (Choose two)


14. Oracle HCL for certified Joint Support with Nutanix has Oracle Linux and Oracle VM via iSCSI listed.

What Nutanix feature is used by this certified Configuration.


15. Which option should be recommended for a customer to get timely notifications of significant product issues is the field?


16. A customer who uses Nutanix for mission critical workloads is considering migrating public cloud workloads to Nutanix. The customer has experienced difficulty auditing where applications reside and understanding cloud costs on a per application basis.

Which Nutanix product should be discussed to address the customer’sneeds?


17. A prospect is evaluating Nutanix for a large number of Oracle RAC deployments. Time to deployment is a top priority, and the prospect has developed a self-service tool in-house to expedite these deployments.

Which Nutanix feature should be discussed?


18. Refer to Exhibit.

When entering a Raw Input workload into Sizer, what amount of RAM should be used for the entire workload?


19. A prospect that is currently virtualized using Dell servers is willing to provide a Live Optics report to assist with sizing a partial infrastructure refresh with Nutanix.

Which two items from an approach for sampling accurate sizing data with Live Optics? (Choose one)


20. A prospect is seeking a Nutanix solution for a mission critical application that needs to sustain two simultaneous node outages and prefers that the cluster be able to fully rebuild both data and metadata in the event hardware issues.

What is the minimum number of nodes required for the cluster?


21. An SE and a prospect decide on a specific node configuration. The SE changes the Sizer scenario from Automatic to manual mode to select the exact configuration decided with the prospect.

What additional detail should the SE now consider in the Sizing scenario?


22. Which two Citrix desktop creation capabilities are supported on Nutanix AHV? (Choose two)


23. An SE needs to size a new project that requires offsite backup but not remote disaster recovery. The prospect requires an RTO of 48 hours, RPO of 4 hours, and the ability to restore from the past 5days of backups. The prospect’s data change rate is 1%.

How should the SE configure Sizer for this scenario?


24. A prospect is evaluating HEP SimpliVity and Nutanix Software-Only on HPE servers and receives FUD from the competition regarding HPE not supporting or officially partnering with Nutanix.

which two items should be leveraged to overcome concern about product supportability? (Choose two)


25. A large retailer company recently employed a CIO who decided that all operations should be migrated to public cloud offerings. After 7 months, the project was be a failure and determined to the CIO exited. The retailer’s infrastructure consisted of tens of thousand’s of VMs on thousands of hosts supported by dozen of storage arrays. Only 10% of workloads were migrated to public cloud during the CIO’s tenure.

Which open ended discovery questions should the SE ask to determine pain points or gaps? (Choose two)


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