NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Implementation Engineer NS0-402 Exam Questions

Want to pass NS0-402 NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Implementation Engineer exam? NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Implementation Engineers have the skills and ability to implement and automate NetApp Hybrid Cloud solutions from private and public cloud configurations to monitoring and troubleshooting. PassQuestion provides the latest NS0-402 Exam Questions to help you best prepare for your test and pass your NetApp NS0-402 exam successfully.

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1. An IT administrator needs to query image metadata of an OpenStack server using the REST API.

Which REST API method would accomplish this task?


2. A customer has deployed a NetApp HCI environment and has configured SnapMirror replication relationships to Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS. After migrating Cloud Manager from on-premises to AWS, the customer can no longer create new replication relationships between existing environments. The Cloud Manager can access the Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment and the current SnapMirror relationships continue to make successful transfers of data.

In this scenario, where would you locate the source of the problem?


3. You are setting up a containerized environment with persistent storage. Trident has been installed, and the Trident back end for NetApp SolidFire has been created by using the tridentctl command. Now, you need to deploy an application that requires an Extreme class of service.

Referring to the exhibit, which two configurations would accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


4. Which three automation frameworks provide the ability to configure a desired state? (Choose three.)


5. You are deploying StorageGRID software on-premises. You have a requirement to keep a second copy of specific production objects in Amazon Glacier.

In this scenario, which native NetApp technology provides this functionality for specific objects?


6. You have an on-premises AFF A800 system that needs to replicate to a NetApp Cloud Volumes Service instance.

In this scenario, which NetApp replication technology enables this capability?


7. You have FabricPool enabled for an on-premises AFF system. FabricPool is connected to Azure Blob storage.

In this scenario, which configuration is required for high availability of data access in the hybrid aggregate?


8. You have a NetApp ONTAP Select instance that is serving a 400 GB nfsv3 export to an IoT application. You need to run AI in AWS on this dataset for both reads and writes to update metadata. The master copy of the data must remain in ONTAP Select.

In this scenario, which NetApp technology will enable the capability for a master on-premises copy and a remote AWS copy of the same dataset?


9. Your software development team is working on a new stateful containerized application that requires persistent storage. The team develops software on their local workstations prior to deploying to test and production environments. The team wants to create a consistent experience across the various stages of the software development life-cycle.

In this scenario, which NetApp product should the team use?


10. You are writing an Ansible playbook and using the official NetApp modules. You must provide credentials for a NetApp ONTAP cluster in a secure manner.

Which two actions should be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


11. Which statement is correct about Trident storage virtual pools?


12. You have an on-premises AFF A320 cluster that will use SnapMirror to replicate all data to the cloud instance shown in the exhibit.

Which action will enable end-to-end connectivity for SnapMirror?


13. You have deployed your application to an NKS cluster in your on-premises environment with ONTAP Select. You now want to move your application to an AWS environment.

What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


14. You are asked to implement a monitoring solution for your VM environment that is hosted on NetApp storage; however, you have no budget for this task. You decide to use Cloud Insights to accomplish your task.

What are two capabilities of this solution? (Choose two.)


15. You have the variable file shown in the exhibit.

Which task would enable you to iterate over this group?






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