NS0-146 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Storage Associate – Hybrid Cloud

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NS0-146 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Storage Associate – Hybrid Cloud

1. Your primary data center is located in NYC, New York, USA and hosts the majority of your user data. You also have a remote office in Seoul, South Korea. You are also using ONTAP Cloud in the New York region as a backup repository. You are asked to provide local copies of the backup repository to the users in Seoul.

How would you accomplish this task?


2. You want to transfer data to a cloud-based storage solution.

Which NetApp technology will accomplish this task?


3. You are deploying a virtual AltaVault appliance on a hypervisor for the first time.

In this scenario, which statement is correct about the resource allocation for vCPU, memory, and disk space to be provisioned?


4. Which statement describes SAN storage?


5. What are two prerequisites for a two-node NetApp cluster? (Choose two.)


6. You are setting up an ESX cluster. You need to provision NFS datastores for use by all nodes in the cluster.

Which change to the virtual switch is required to support NFS data traffic?


7. Which statement is true for solid state drives used in NetApp storage systems?


8. An alert is being generated about a management network switch. These alerts are being monitored by another team and the alerts should no longer be generated.

Which action will stop the generation of the alerts for only this switch?


9. What are two high-availability (HA) configuration differences between ONTAP and ONTAP Cloud? (Choose two.)


10. Your company is interested in using a public cloud for storage and Web-based applications.

In this situation, what are two considerations? (Choose two.)


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