[NS0-159 Free Questions] NS0-159 NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

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Test Begin:

1. 1.You are using FAS8200 controllers to deploy an 8-node MetroCluster solution.

Which three components are required in this scenario? (Choose three.)


2. 2.A storage administrator wants to use Windows directory services for an SVM serving SMB shares. Users will be authenticated by domain controllers.

Which two steps are required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


3. 3.A storage administrator is preparing for a nondisruptive upgrade of ONTAP.

In this scenario, which two commands should be executed to verify storage failover and cluster HA? (Choose two.)


4. 4.A storage administrator is troubleshooting CIFS share connection

issues. In this scenario, what would be three causes for these issues?(Choose three.)


5. 5.When a LUN is created in System Manager or using the CLI, which two parameters must be specified? (Choose two.)


6. 6.You change a volume’s space guarantee from volume to none.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?


7. 7.In OnCommand Unified Manager, you create a user-defined threshold policy for a selected storage object and a selected performance counter.

In this scenario, which two conditions must be met for an event to be sent? (Choose two.)


8. 8.When you create an SVM in ON TAP, what is the privileged account that is created to manage the SVM?


9. 9.When a two-node cluster is expanded, which cluster configuration would be supported?


10. 10.A customer has a 1,000 GB volume used as a NAS share that has 3x 100 GB files and has no existing Snapshot copies. The customer creates a Snapshot copy of the volume, adds a 500 GB file to the volume, and then deletes one of the 100 GB files from the volume.

How much free space is in the volume in this scenario?


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