NS0-160 Free Questions V11.02 – NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

Why earning NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP certification?

First, you have proven skills in performing in-depth support, administrative functions, and performance management for NetApp® data storage controllers running the ONTAP® operating system in NFS and Windows® (CIFS) multiprotocol environments.

More,you understand how to implement high-availability controller configurations, and have detailed knowledge of SnapMirror®, SnapRestore®, and SnapVault® technologies, used to manage and protect mission-critical data.

It must be clear that NS0-160 exam questions V11.02 is great for passing NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP exam smoothly.

NS0-160 Free Questions V11.02 – NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

1. Which NetApp product enables you to leverage legacy storage investments?


2. A 2-node switches cluster experiences a node failure. In this situation, which LIF automatically migrates to a different port?


3. Which storage efficiency policy is automatically defined when you run volume movefrom a non-AFF system to an AFF system?


4. Which management tool would you use to deploy a new instance of Cloud Volumes ONTAP?


5. Which three tasks are SVM administrators allowed to perform? (Choose three.)


6. A customer installed an ONTAP cluster. The customer wants to provide data access to host computers and end users.
Which three tasks are required? (Choose three.)


7. A storage administrator has a single-node FAS cluster. The administrator wants to add a second node to convert the FAS storage array into a switchless cluster. In this scenario, what would the administrator do to accomplish the task?


8. To which three objects on an ONTAP 9.3 cluster would you assign a QoS throughput floor? (Choose three.)


9. A customer configured CIFS in an ONTAP 9.5 SVM. The customer wants to verify if the “CIFS Server” is accessible from each node of the cluster.
In this scenario, which command will accomplish this task?


10. A customer ordered a FAS8200 running ONTAP 9.4 with 4 TB SATA drives. You want to use the ADP features to avoid consuming the high capacity drives for the root aggregates. Before starting the initial setup of the cluster, you run the aggr statuscommand and notice that ADP is not being used. In this scenario, which boot menu option do you use to solve the problem?


11. A customer has four or more nodes in a cluster. More than four target ports are being used by the SVMs in any node. The customer wants to limit the number of paths that can be used to access LUNs on the nodes, so that the paths do not exceed the recommended maximum of eight.
In this scenario, which three actions will accomplish this task? (Choose three.)


12. When a write from a SAN host is received, the information is stored within the controller before it is written to the underlying RAID. In this scenario, which component stores the data?


13. An administrator notices that the applications are running slowly. The administrator wants to determine which component on the ONTAP subsystem is experiencing the most latency.
In this scenario, which command would you use to accomplish this task?


14. Click the Exhibit button.
cluster1::> volume create -vserver vsl –volume voll –aggregate aggr1 –encrypttrue
Which statement regarding the command shown in the exhibit is true?


15. What are three reasons to implement FabricPool? (Choose three.)


16. Which commands shows the data compaction savings for an aggregate?


17. Which FabricPool policy would you apply only on a SnapMirror destination volume?


18. Your manager asks you to upgrade the ONTAP software that is running on the organization’s FAS8200. The FAS8200 is running ONTAP 9.2 and needs to be upgraded to ONTAP 9.5. In this situation, what is the minimum number of ONTAP upgrades required to accomplish the task?


19. What are three tiering policies that are associated with a FabricPool-enables aggregate? (Choose three.)


20. You are configuring an FC to allow LUN access to a host system.
In this scenario, a switch needs a zone configuration file that includes which two elements? (Choose two.)


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