NS0-160 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

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NS0-160 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP

1. Which three actions would be used to upload an image or firmware for ONTAP 9.3? (Choose three.)


2. How would you protect a NAS SVM root volume?


3. According to NetApp best practices, when you configure FC, how many data LIFs should you create per node?


4. You have a 4-node cluster with 2x AFF A700 controllers and 2x FAS8200 controllers. A volume set to default settings is moved from a FAS8200 to an AFF A700 using the volume   move command.

In this scenario, which volume parameter change will allow for data compaction?


5. A 2-node switchless cluster experiences a node failure.

In this situation, which LIF automatically migrates to a different port?


6. You are working with a service provider that is running ONTAP 9.5. You must ensure that the end customer sees the logical space used.

In this scenario, which argument for volume   show command will accomplish this task?


7. An administrator is configuring an aggregate to use FabricPool to take advantage of auto tiering. In this scenario, what are three requirements to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)


8. You must expand an existing FAS8200 switchless cluster to a switched cluster and add a new FAS8200 HA pair in the cluster.

In this scenario, which three actions would you perform to expand the cluster? (Choose three.)


9. When you create a new SSD storage pool for use with Flash Pools, how many allocation units are assigned to each node in the HA pair by default?


10. On your customer’s AFF A700, there are multiple volumes within the aggregate aggr1. Within aggr1, volumes voll, vol2, and vol3 store similar data, and volumes vol4 and vol5 store unique data.

In this scenario, which feature would improve storage efficiency with the data stored in volumes voll, vol2, and vol3?


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