NS0-194 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Support Engineer

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NS0-194 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Support Engineer


You are upgrading your FAS cluster to an AFF cluster. All the volumes have finished migrating to the AFF nodes. ALUA is working on all attached SAN clients. You now want to move the SAN LIFs to the AFF nodes without any SAN client disruption.
Working one LIF at a time, which three steps are required to perform this process? (Choose three.)

2. When a node fails over to its partner, what enables the up node to handle the uncommitted write requests?



You are using SnapCenter to protect your vCenter virtual machines. You have 10 VMs on one datastore and they are all in the same resource group.
When performing a backup of this resource group, how many Snapshot copies will be created on the ONTAP cluster?


Your customer is concerned about SnapMirror transfers consuming too much network bandwidth. In this situation, which two SnapMirror features would help the customer? (Choose two.)


You just replaced a controller in a single-node cluster. When the controller boots, it panics and reboots in a continuous loop. In this scenario, which two actions are required to solve this problem? (Choose two.)


A FAS system that is backed by 7200 RPM drives is experiencing extremely latent writes and slow but less latent reads.
Referring to the exhibit, what are two reasons for this result? (Choose two.)


Which two RAID types are used for ONTAP when aggregates are created? (Choose two.)

8. You started work at a company that uses ONTAP for storage. You want to verify that AutoSupport OnDemand is configured. In this scenario, which transport protocol is used?


9. You want to automate repetitive and procedural storage administration tasks to help eliminate human error. In this scenario, which NetApp tool would be used to accomplish this task?


10. Which LIF role is used for SnapMirror traffic between two clusters?


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