NS0-194 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Support Engineer

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NS0-194 Practice Test Questions – NetApp Certified Support Engineer


You are upgrading your FAS cluster to an AFF cluster. All the volumes have finished migrating to the AFF nodes. ALUA is working on all attached SAN clients. You now want to move the SAN LIFs to the AFF nodes without any SAN client disruption.
Working one LIF at a time, which three steps are required to perform this process? (Choose three.)

2. When a node fails over to its partner, what enables the up node to handle the uncommitted write requests?



You are using SnapCenter to protect your vCenter virtual machines. You have 10 VMs on one datastore and they are all in the same resource group.
When performing a backup of this resource group, how many Snapshot copies will be created on the ONTAP cluster?


Your customer is concerned about SnapMirror transfers consuming too much network bandwidth. In this situation, which two SnapMirror features would help the customer? (Choose two.)


You just replaced a controller in a single-node cluster. When the controller boots, it panics and reboots in a continuous loop. In this scenario, which two actions are required to solve this problem? (Choose two.)


A FAS system that is backed by 7200 RPM drives is experiencing extremely latent writes and slow but less latent reads.
Referring to the exhibit, what are two reasons for this result? (Choose two.)


Which two RAID types are used for ONTAP when aggregates are created? (Choose two.)

8. You started work at a company that uses ONTAP for storage. You want to verify that AutoSupport OnDemand is configured. In this scenario, which transport protocol is used?


9. You want to automate repetitive and procedural storage administration tasks to help eliminate human error. In this scenario, which NetApp tool would be used to accomplish this task?


10. Which LIF role is used for SnapMirror traffic between two clusters?


11. A customer receives the message shown below in their EMS logs.

Tue Jun 27 18:34:18 CEST

[netapp-ct1: cp_worker: wafl.cp.toolong:error]: Aggregate AG1_NTAP_PROD experienced a long CP.

Tue Jun 27 18:37:10 CEST

Which two data sources do you use to explain this message? (Choose two.)


12. Several clients are accessing an ONTAP SnapMirror DP destination volume. Some clients frequently access the newest SnapMirror volume data. Accessing this data is much slower when compared to clients that directly access data on the source. You use the wafl scan status command against the destination.

What is a symptom of the problem in this scenario?


13. What is the consequence of a loss of connectivity between a Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) instance and Cloud Manager for four or more days?


14. You want to use the supported method to upgrade the ONTAP version of a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance from ONTAP 9.5 to ONTAP 9.6.

In this scenario, which NetApp tool accomplishes this task?


15. A customer must store physical hard copies of transaction data off site to meet regulatory requirements.

Which NetApp technology enables the customer to accomplish this task?


16. Which type of MetroCluster is shown in the exhibit?


17. What are two supported cabling methods for a NetApp HCI compute node? (Choose two.)


18. For testing purposes, your customer decides to use FC on a single-node ONTAP cluster. There is only one host that the customer expects to use. High availability is not a concern for this test. The customer connects the host directly to the ONTAP node. The LUN is set up, and the igroup is configured. When the customer tries to attach to the LUN from the host, the LUN is not seen by the host.

Which statement is correct in this scenario?


19. What is the minimum number of compute nodes required to run the NetApp Deployment Engine for NetApp HCI?


20. You need to provide a customer an action plan to update an ONTAP system after a security bulletin has been issued.

In this scenario, how do you accomplish this task?


21. In ONTAP 9.6, activity on the command line is found in which log?


22. A customer asks what is the correct way to configure an ONTAP system for multi-tenancy. The customer wants to serve data and also protect data using SnapMirror from tenant A using network A and from tenant B using network B.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?


23. When using NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) which type of server is needed to keep encryption keys separate from encrypted data?


24. You are working on a fabric MetroCluster. After a site failure, the plex starts to resync automatically to the aggregate mirror of Aggr1. The plex now shows a status of resyncing. During this process, you experience a slow resync of the SyncMirror plex.

In this scenario, how do you solve the problem?


25. You have an ONTAP 2-node cluster. You run a read/write test workload against an SMB share, and it is slower than you expected. You run the same test again, but this time you monitor the storage using a QoS command.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?


26. Which NetApp HCI component communicates with activeiq.solidfire.com and the Cloud Data Services portal?


27. You receive the error shown below on a FAS2750 HA pair.

Mon Jun 24 00:27:30 UTC [NetappA: scsi_cmdblk_strthr_admin:

scsi.cmd.checkCondition:error]: Unknown device 0a.00.99: Check Condition: CDB 0x12:

Sense Data SCSI:hardware error -(0x4 -0x44 0x0 0x0) (0).

The system is cabled as shown in the exhibit.

What should you do to clear the error?


28. Which three techniques are used in ONTAP to improve storage efficiencies? (Choose three.)


29. You observe cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors on a network port from a node in the cluster.

Which two components would you consider reseating or replacing before you perform actions on the physical port where the errors are reported from the node? (Choose two.)


30. For security reasons, you must track the access of files of a specific folder.

In this scenario, what should you do to accomplish this task from the storage side?


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