NS0-300 Free Questions – NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator

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NS0-300 Free Questions – NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator

1. Your company requites a high level of availability for data services in the cloud. You have selected Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA cluster In AWS to support file-based workloads.

In this scenario, how many storage nodes will be deployed?


2. You are using Cloud Volumes ONTAP in an Azure environment. In this scenario, when would you enable compaction?


3. Which component is essential for configuring a virtual private network between two public clouds?


4. A cloud administrator Is unable to connect to an iSCSI LUN that Is turning in an AWS Instance of Cloud Volumes ONTAP. The cloud administrator notices that the VPC Security Group does not include any outbound TCP rules.

In this scenario, which outbound TCP port would you enable to access the LUN?


5. You want to move cold user data blocks from an AFF A300 active file system to the capacity tier In AWS S3. In this scenario, how would you configure FabricPool?


6. You are the administrator of a company that has purchased a new NetApp HCI cluster. To ensure granular control over each VM’s HDD performance, you decide to use only vVols in your VMware vSphere environment. Your company also has a FAS system that is serving CIFS and an E-Series serving LUNs over InfiniBand. You are asked to back up all VMS to an offsite location.

What is a supported method to back up all of your VMs?


7. You are managing vow Cloud Volumes ONIAP Instance running ONTAP 9.3. You notice that your volumes are using too much space. Which command do you use to display the Snapshot copy disk consumption?


8. You are deploying OnCommand Cloud Manager In AWS without NetApp Cloud Central and need to define a OnCommand Cloud Manager IAM policy.

In this scenario, before you launch and manage Cloud Volumes ONTAP In AWS, which two actions grant permissions that are defined In the IAM policy? (Choose two.)


9. A customer has OnCommand Cloud Manager deployed in its corporate network. The customer wants to use OnCommand Cloud Manager to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP in an AWS VPC.

In this scenario, which network connectivity enables this solution?


10. Which three actions are required to configure Azure NetApp Files? (Choose three.)


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