NS0-302 Exam Questions To Pass NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud – Administrator

The NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator (NS0-302 exam) includes 60 test questions, with an allotted time of 1-1/2 hours to complete. Candidates taking NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator exam should have a working knowledge using Cloud Volumes Service, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Manager, Cloud Sync, SaaS Backup, StorageGRID and NetApp HCI. PassQuestion NS0-302 Exam Questions are designed by highly experienced and certified trainer that have put together the best NS0-302 exam questions that will keep success on your NS0-302 exam.

Practice Online NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud – Administrator NS0-302 Free Questions

1. You deployed Cloud Volumes ONTAP BYOL with an aggregate that has a single 8 TB disk. You start copying 12 TB of data to the instance- However, the data copy fails, and an out-of-space message is displayed.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?


2. Click the Exhibit button.

You have implemented NetApp Data Availability Services (NDAS) as shown In the exhibit.

In this scenario, which two actions occur with the data copies? (Choose two.)


3. You are using a NetApp HCI and are asked to perform offsite backups of all data.

Which three targets satisfy this requirement? (Choose three.)


4. An application developer asks you for a new Cloud Volumes Service volume for AWS that supports SMB and NFS access for development and testing purposes.

In this scenario, what should you do to support the developer’s request?


5. As the site reliability engineer, you have successfully deployed Kubernetes clusters on AWS and Google Cloud Platform using NetApp Kubernetes Service.

In this scenario, what would enable you to manage these clusters through a single management Interface?


6. After deploying Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS, you notice a high CPU warning that is reported by Amazon CloudWatch.

In this scenario, what should you do?


7. You are deploying a Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA system that uses multiple Availability Zones In AWS. You want to make sure that you can access the floating IP addresses in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC.from your other VPCs in the same AWS region in which you have deployed your Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA system.

How do you accomplish this task?


8. As the administrator of NetApp Cloud Insights, you want to set up an alert on your on-premlses NetApp ONTAP system when a volume reaches 70% full.

In this situation, which two actions are required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


9. You are operating a NetApp AFF system. You are creating Snapshot copies on all volumes every four hours. You keep the copies for 30 days. You also have StorageGRID installed with available capacity. You are running out of disk space and want to free up space in the most cost effective way without losing any Snapshot copies.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?


10. You are the administrator for your IT organization’s cloud infrastructure. You need to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP to your AWS infrastructure.

In this situation, what is the first tool you need, to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP?


11. When you export an NFS share to an AWS EC2 instance using OnCommand Cloud Manager, which two steps in the process would it automate? (Choose two.)


12. Why would you want to schedule the shut down and restart of Cloud Volumes ONTAP?


13. You are trying to deploy an OnCommand Cloud Manager from the marketplace to your Azure resource group, but the deployment fails.

In this situation, what caused this problem?


14. Your company has evaluated NetApp SaaS Backup for Microsoft Office 365 with a trial account. In the evaluation period, you used Amazon S3 that was provided by SaaS Backup as the destination for your backup. After evaluation, your company decided to use Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) as a backup destination. You determine that none of your previous data is showing up.

What caused this problem?


15. You are setting up a Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA on AWS.

In this scenario, which high availability method is used for the data?


16. You want to set up Cloud Sync between your on-premises ONTAP node and your AWS Cloud Volumes Service NFS mount.

In this scenario, which two network components would you use? (Choose two.)


17. Your OnCommand Cloud Manager Instance has database corruption. You create a new OnCommand Cloud Manager instance with no data, and your ONTAP instances are still running with no issues. You want to bring the cloud and on-premlses ONTAP Instances into the new OnCommand Cloud Manager working environment.

In this scenario, which two actions will satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)


18. Click the Exhibit button.

You have a Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA pair that is provisioned in multiple availability zones. All components of the ONTAP cluster are eligible for update.

In this scenario, which two actions are performed during the upgrade when you use the default update options? (Choose two.)


19. Click the Exhibit button.

You have deployed Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS. During the deployment, you use an existing security group as shown in the exhibit. You are not able to connect NFS or SMB clients to the Cloud Volumes ONTAP Instance.

In this scenario, which two changes must be made to the security group to solve this problem? (Choose two.)


20. You have an AFF A800 system with a 100 TB volume. You are using all default settings and have 4:1 storage efficiency. You are asked to replicate to a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance for disaster recovery. The destination volume has post-process compression disabled and is set up with the MirrorAllSnapshots policy.

In this scenario, how many terabytes will be used on the Cloud Volumes ONTAP destination?


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