NS0-515 Free Questions – NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-SAN Specialist V8.02

To prove your skills in planning, implementing, integrating, and troubleshooting ONTAP SAN, FC switched fabrics and Ethernet iSCSI/FCoE solutions, and different operating systems (Windows, LINUX, ESX, UNIX) and applications, you need to pass NS0-515 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-SAN Specialist certification exam. Do not worry about how to pass NetApp NS0-515 exam, we have released new NS0-515 exam questions and answers online, which come with 60 questions and answers to ensure your success. Before writing PassQuestion NS0-515 questions, you can check NS0-515 free questions online first. You will find that NS0-515 exam questions are valuable.

NS0-515 Free Questions – NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer-SAN Specialist V8.02

1. An E2812 system, without expansion shelves, is configured with 12 Gb SAS host interface cards (HICS) and is directly connected to a host.
However, the host cannot access the volumes.
In this scenario, which two troubleshooting steps should you take? (Choose two)


2. To enable one-way authentication in a new iSCSI Linux implementation, which three modifications should you make in the /etc/iscsi/iscsi.conf file on the Linux host? (Choose three.)


3. A company wants the most scalable host-side connection topology for E-Series systems.
In this scenario, which FC topology would satisfy the requirement?


4. Which three documents should be provided to the customer after the e-Series installation is complete? (choose three.)


5. An administrator is asked to migrate two DE6600 shelves into a newly deployed E5760 environment that is configured with a stack of two DE460C shelves.
In this scenario, how does the administrator complete this task?


6. What are two methods for setting the host protocol configuration on the E2800 controller with a 4-port 16Gbps FC or 10Gbps iSCSI SFP+ host interface card (HIC)? (Choose two)


7. The Netapp E-Series system with a 32 Gb FC Host Interface Card (HIC) requires which type of fiber cable to connect to switches or to connect directly to hosts extending up to 100 meters?


8. An orphaned volume occurs during an asynchronous mirror implementation. You must recover the orphaned volume.
In this scenario, which statement is correct?


9. You are setting-up asynchronous mirroring between two E2860 systems
In this scenario, which two prerequisites are required to complete the setup? (choose two)


10. What does the CHAP secret accomplish for an E-Series system?


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