NS0-519 Exam Questions Available For NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer – SAN, ONTAP

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NS0-519 Exam Questions Available For NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer – SAN, ONTAP

1. You are called to help with a new customer’s SAN environment that consists of an 8-node AFF A700 cluster, Cisco MDS fabric switches, and Cisco UCS servers.

Which two tools would help you to assess the environment? (Choose two.)


2. Which two SAN components are inventoried by Active IQ OneCollect? (Choose two.)


3. A database owner requests that two additional hosts be added to an application server cluster. This brings the host count for the fabric to 10. The company’s internal procedure is to set SAN hosts with a queue depth of 256. The FAS8300 2-node cluster is configured with one HBA per node with one port connected to fabric A and one port connected to fabric B. Users complain about inconsistent performance.

What must the storage administrator do to ensure continuous operation of the hosts in this new configuration?


4. An administrator enabled the iSCSI protocol on an SVM and created a LUN for a VMware ESXi server.

After the administrator performs a rescan, the LUN is not visible on the host.

Which statement describes how to solve this problem?


5. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which switch in the fabric is the principal switch?


6. You have a 2-node AFF A400 serving FC LUNs. You are asked to make an instant-writable copy of a LUN in a deduplicated volume. The writable copy must not take additional space.

In this scenario, which two ONTAP features would be used? (Choose two.)


7. You plan to use Foreign LUN Import (FLI) to migrate data from an older storage array to an ONTAP cluster. You have properly cabled the storage array and the NetApp nodes to your dual-fabric SAN.

Which two steps are required for this migration and cutover? (Choose two.)


8. You are asked to increase the size of your existing 4-node FAS8060 cluster running ONTAP 9.7 software with four additional AFF A700 nodes.

Which tool enables you to confirm that this will be a valid addition?


9. Click the Exhibit button.

The storage system reports that one or more of the FC LIFs have the administratively up and operationally down status. Initiators are unable to connect to the affected LIFs or access LUNs that are presented by those LIFs.

Referring to the exhibit, which command fields provide port login details with the switch?


10. A storage administrator is setting up a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 system to use NVMe storage in ONTAP 9.7.

In this scenario, which action is required?


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