NS0-525 Free Questions – NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer – Data Protection

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NS0-525 Free Questions – NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer – Data Protection

1. Which two NetApp products reduce the backup time and create a consistent backup for a primary Oracle target? (Choose two.)


2. You want to generate performance-related reports and alerts using the OnCommand Unified Manager 6.x server.

Which two additional tasks must be completed to enable these features? (Choose two.)


3. You want to ensure that you are using compatible hardware and software versions with your MetroCluster installation.

Which tool would accomplish this task?


4. You are using a MetroCluster configuration.

Which two Fibre Channel switch vendors are supported for backend replication? (Choose two.)


5. A client has a 2 TB volume and has enabled the function to automatically delete Snapshot copies in scenarios where capacity will be exceeded. They have set the trigger for this action to the volume | snap_reserve value.

In this scenario, what would trigger this function?


6. You have a VMware VSphere environment with SRM and NetApp SRA fully configured.

Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


7. A customer is running clustered Data ONTAP on primary and secondary clusters. The customer is using SnapVault to back up volumes between the clusters.

The customer has good Data ONTAP 7-Mode knowledge and needs to set up two new SnapVault relationships between the clusters on a weekly schedule.

Which solution would you recommend to satisfy this requirement?


8. After manually implementing a SnapVault relationship between two volumes on two separate clusters, the primary Snapshot copies are working fine. The baseline has been transferred successfully. The relationship is shown as healthy and idle.

However, the updates are not taking place as scheduled on the secondary system.

What is causing the problem?


9. You want to back up a critical Oracle database that resides on a LUN on the NetApp storage system. You decide that a Snapshot copy is the most efficient way to back up the database. You cannot afford to create any down time for the database.

What must you do to ensure that the data in the database is consistent when you create the Snapshot copy?


10. A customer wants to create a new SnapMirror relationship to provide only disaster recovery for their organization.

Which relationship type and policy type should they specify in this scenario?


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