Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) 5.15 Exam NCA-5.15 Questions (90 Q&As)

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Test Online Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) 5.15 Exam NCA-5.15 Free Questions

1. An administrator recently installed Prism Central to use Categories. After having created Categories and Values, the administrator needs to apply these Categories to multiple workloads.

How can the administrator easily perform this task?


2. Refer to the exhibit.

What is indicated by the yellow area of the chart?


3. How can an administrator access a Windows VM running on a Nutanix cluster if it is unreachable via ping?


4. An administrator needs to have a view of current workloads sorted by vCPU count.

What should the administrator do to achieve this task?


5. An administrator is experiencing an issue and needs to enable access for Nutanix support to login.

What should the administrator do to meet this requirement?


6. An administrator wants to copy some virtual machine disk files to ADSF from an external VMware ESXi host.

Which two actions should the administrator take to complete this task? (Choose two.)


7. An administrator notices that a VM is slow and unresponsive. The administrator wants to compare performance to other VMs on cluster.

Which chart type is best suited to display multiple VM performance metrics for diagnosis?


8. When a VM generates I/O, which Nutanix component is serving the storage request?


9. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator has created a new Windows VM and given it to the user. The user states that only the C drive mapping is visible within the Windows OS.

What is causing this issue?


10. What is required to snapshot a group of VMs at the same point in time?


11. Which statement best defines Replication Factor 2 (RF2)?


12. What are two types of Protection Domains that Nutanix offers for Data Protection? (Choose two.)


13. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator has created a new VM, but when accessing the console to monitor the guest install, the administrator sees the error shown in the exhibit

What is the likely cause of this issue?


14. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator notices that the Data Resiliency Status of some components has been reduced to 0. making it impossible to support a node failure in the cluster.

What failed component caused this issue?


15. An administrator needs to provide users access to Prism Central Projects Which source of user accounts must the administrator use?


16. Which two advanced features requires you to install Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT)? (Choose two.)


17. An administrator is concerned that a VM on a hybrid cluster with 8GB RAM and 4 vCPUs is performing poorly. An analysis of the VM indicates that CPU utilization is at 50%. Memory utilization is at 30%. and disk latency is at 18ms.

What can the administrator do to improve performance?


18. An administrator completed a successful AOS upgrade, but saw the following alert the following day:

Detected incompatible AHV version What is most likely causing this alert?


19. Refer to the exhibit:

Based on the exhibit what can be definitively determined about Host DEMO-AHV-2′


20. Which Nutanix solution would provide an organization with a Cloud DR capability for their Nutanix cluster?


21. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator needs to upgrade a VM to 10 virtual processors.

Which action should the administrator take to complete this task?


22. What happens when an HDD fails within a Nutanix cluster?


23. Refer to the exhibit.

A team member has built a CentOS VM image for use as a template. An administrator deploys a new VM using the CentOS image as the 05 drive. No other drives are presented to the VM.

Following the deployment, the administrator attempts to boot the VM, but is unsuccessful.

What could be causing this issue?


24. Which two CVM components are used to provide data locality? (Choose two.)


25. An administrator is managing two AHV and vSphere-based clusters. The administrator is able to install a Windows Guest OS from an ISO Image to VMware VMs, but is unable to do the same activity with AHV VMs.

What should the administrator do to successfully perform this action with AHV VMs?


26. An administrator is upgrading a current three-node Nutanix cluster with new HCI nodes. Currently, the environment is based on a Single two-unit chassis hosted in one cabinet.

By simply changing the system form factor, what new level of resiliency may this customer achieve?


27. Protection Domains enable administrators to replicate which two items for Disaster Recovery? (Choose two-)


28. An administrator with an AHV cluster notices that time/date stamps in logs for some VMs are not correct. After investigating, the administrator finds that many of their user VMs are set to UTC

What two methods can be used to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)


29. An administrator wants to evaluate the overall health of the Nutanix cluster.

What should be the first step?


30. Which two Nutanix features offer the ability to restore a VM? (Choose two.)


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