Oracle 1Z0-888 Practice Questions – MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator

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Oracle 1Z0-888 Practice Questions – MySQL 5.7 Database Administrator

1. You have just executed a manual backup by using this command:

mysqlbackup –u root –p –-socket=/tmp/my.sock –-backup-dir=/my/backup/ backup

The operation completed without error.

What is the state of this backup and operation required before it is ready to be restored?


2. Which MySQL utility program should you use to process and sort the Slow Query Log based on query time or average query time?


3. Consider: Which statement best describes the meaning of the value for the key_len column?


4. A particular government’s security policy is to have very strict data encryption and safety settings. This is done by restricting access based on their own CA authority and limiting access to particular users within a department.

Which method could be used to restrict access as required?


5. What does the possible_keyscolumn in this output denote?


6. Is it true that binary backups always take less space than text backups?


7. You have a consistent InnoDB backup created with mysqldump, the largest table is 50 GB in size. You start to restore your backup with this command;

shell> mysql –u root –p < backup.sql

After 30 minutes, you notice that the rate of restore seems to have slowed down. No other processes or external factors are affecting server performance.

Which is the most likely explanation for this slowdown?


8. Which two options describe how MySQL Server allocates memory? (Choose two.)


9. Which three are key advantages of standard MySQL replication? (Choose three.)


10. You are contacted by a user who does not have permission to access a database table. You determine after investigation that this user should be permitted to have access and so you execute a GRANT statement to enable the user to access the table.

Which statement describes the activation of that access for the user?


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