Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Entry-level Technician PCCET Exam Questions

PCCET is replacing our former fundamental certification, the PCCSA. This new and upgraded certification now tests fundamental skills on all three technologies, making it the perfect certification for any industry newcomer looking to get into the field of cybersecurity. PassQuestion offers the most valid PCCET Exam Questions for the preparation of the Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Entry-level Technician exam to ensure your success in one try only. You are recommended to read PCCET free questions for its quality.

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1. Which analysis detonates previously unknown submissions in a custom-built, evasion-resistant virtual environment to determine real-world effects and behavior?


2. What is required for a SIEM to operate correctly to ensure a translated flow from the system of interest to the SIEM data lake?


3. Which type of Wi-Fi attack depends on the victim initiating the connection?


4. Which term describes data packets that move in and out of the virtualized environment from the host network or a corresponding traditional data center?


5. Which organizational function is responsible for security automation and eventual vetting of the solution to help ensure consistency through machine-driven responses to security issues?



Given the graphic, match each stage of the cyber-attack lifecycle to its description.


Match the Identity and Access Management (IAM) security control with the appropriate definition.

8. On an endpoint, which method should you use to secure applications against exploits?


9. Which not-for-profit organization maintains the common vulnerability exposure catalog that is available through their public website?


10. Which Palo Alto Networks tools enable a proactive, prevention-based approach to network automation that accelerates security analysis?


11. Which endpoint product from Palo Alto Networks can help with SOC visibility?


12. Which technique changes protocols at random during a session?


13. What is the primary security focus after consolidating data center hypervisor hosts within trust levels?


14. Which product from Palo Alto Networks extends the Security Operating Platform with the global threat intelligence and attack context needed to accelerate analysis, forensics, and hunting workflows?



Match the description with the VPN technology.

16. Which characteristic of serverless computing enables developers to quickly deploy application code?


17. Which key component is used to configure a static route?


18. A native hypervisor runs:


19. Which Palo Alto Networks product provides playbooks with 300+ multivendor integrations that help solve any security use case?


20. Which activities do local organization security policies cover for a SaaS application?


21. Which Palo Alto Networks subscription service complements App-ID by enabling you to configure the next-generation firewall to identify and control access to websites and to protect your organization from websites hosting malware and phishing pages?


22. Which option would be an example of PII that you need to prevent from leaving your enterprise network?


23. Which network analysis tool can be used to record packet captures?


24. Systems that allow for accelerated incident response through the execution of standardized and automated playbooks that work upon inputs from security technology and other data flows are known as what?


25. Which Palo Alto Networks tool is used to prevent endpoint systems from running malware executables such as viruses, trojans, and rootkits?


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