Palo Alto Networks PSE Platform Exam Questions (60 Q&As)

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1. What are three best practices for running an Ultimate Test Drive (UTD)? (Choose three.)


2. Which two designs require virtual systems? (Choose two.)


3. Which option is required to activate/retrieve a Device Management License on the M.100 Appliance after the Auth Codes have been activated on the Palo Alto Networks Support Site?


4. The botnet report displays a confidence score of 1 to 5 indicating the likelihood of a botnet infection.

Which three sources are used by the firewall as the basis of this score? (Choose three.)


5. Which profile or policy should be applied to protect against port scans from the internet?


6. Which two components must to be configured within User-ID on a new firewall that has been implemented? (Choose two.)


7. Which three methods used to map users to IP addresses are supported in Palo Alto Networks firewalls? (Choose three.)


8. In which two cases should the Hardware offering of Panorama be chosen over the Virtual Offering? (Choose two)


9. How does SSL Forward Proxy decryption work?


10. What are the two group options for database when creating a custom report? (Choose two)


11. Which license is required to receive weekly dynamic updates to the correlation objects on the firewall and Panorama?


12. What are three sources of malware sample data for the Palo Alto Networks Threat Intelligence Cloud? (Choose three.)


13. How do Highly Suspicious artifacts in-AutoFocus help identify when an unknown, potential zero-day, targeted attack occur to allow one to adjust the security posture?


14. Because of regulatory compliance a customer cannot decrypt specific types of traffic.

Which license should an SE recommend to the customer who will be decrypting traffic on the Palo Alto Networks firewall?


15. How many recursion levels are supported for compressed files in PAN-OS 8.0?


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