Palo Alto Networks PSE PrismaCloud Exam Questions (60 Q&As)

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1. Which two statements are true about CloudFormation? (Choose two.)



Match the query type with its corresponding search


Match the logging service with its cloud provider.

4. Which framework in Prisma Public Cloud can be used to provide general best practices when no specific legal requirements or regulatory standards need to be met?


5. An Azure VNet has the IP network with two subnets, (used for web servers) and (used for database servers).

Which is a valid IP address to manage the VM-Series NGFW?


6. Which option is true about VM-Series NGFW templates available from the Palo Alto Networks GitHub repository?


7. A client has a sensitive internet-facing application server in Microsoft Azure and is concerned about resource exhaustion because of distributed denial-of-service attacks.

What can be configured on the VM-Series firewall to specifically protect this server against this type of attack?


8. How can you modify a range of dates default policy in Prisma Public Cloud?


9. Which three methods can provide application-level security for a web server instance on Amazon Web Services? (Choose three.)


10. Palo Alto Networks recommends which two options for outbound HA design in Amazon Web Services using VM-Series NGFW? (Choose two.)


11. What are two examples of Amazon Web Services logging services? (Choose two.)


12. What configuration on AWS is required in order for VM-Series to forward traffic between its network interfaces?


13. How can you use Prisma Public Cloud to identify Amazon EC2 instances that have been tagged as "Private?


14. Which two cloud providers support Load Balancers as next hop configurations for outbound connections? (Choose two.)


15. What are two ways to enable interface swap when deploying a VM-Series NGFW in Google Cloud Platform? (Choose two.)


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