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1. When paying by Bank Transfer, there is a requirement to send an email to customer service with payment details, after the order is placed successfully.

Which two events can be used to send an email during the order placement process? (Choose two.)


2. Which two techniques can be used to protecta storefront POST action against Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks? (Choose two.)


3. When creating a new payment method, the Adobe Commerce developer adds the dependency injection configuration for payment method facade in the modules etc\di.xml.

What is required for the custom payment methods Value Handlers pool?


4. An Adobe Commerce Developer has created a new custom block extending \Magento\Framework\view\Element\AbstractBlock and has set the cache_lifetime data property for the block so that the output gets cached.

The block is inserted into the sidebar, and displays differing content depending on which currency is being used. The developer finds that the block is displaying the same content for all currencies, depending on which currency is viewed first after the cache has been flushed.

How would the developer resolve this?


5. An Adobe Commerce developer has created a before plugin for the save () function within the magento\Framework\App\Cache\Proxy class. The purpose of this plugin is to add a prefix on all cache identifiers that fulfill certain criteria.

Why is the plugin not executing as expected?


6. An Adobe Commerce developer is creating a module (Vendor_ModuleName) to be sold on

the Marketplace. The new module creates a database table using declarative schema and now the developer needs to make sure the table is removed when the module is disabled.

What must the developer do to accomplish this?


7. An Adobe Commerce Developer is tasked with writing an importer for a custom entity. After the work is complete and deployed, they start receiving complaints from their client that the importer does not work and fails every time they use it.

The developer realizes that the client is importing a file which does not match the format required for the importer to process correctly.

What two features would the developer add to this importer to prevent this? (Choose two.)


8. An Adobe Commerce developer added a new API method to search and retrieve a list of Posts for a custom Blog functionality.

This is the content of the module’s etc/webapi.xml file:

The new code has been deployed to production and the merchant is using https: // to review the new endpoint, but it is not visible in swagger.

What would be a reason for this?


9. A client has requested a new field on the admin product edit page for simple products that displays a list of links to parent products to which the simple product belongs.

According to best practices, how would an Adobe Commerce developer implement this?


10. An Adobe Commerce developer has added an iframe and included a JavaScript library from an external domain to the website.

After that they found the following error in the console:

Refused to frame IURLJ because it violates the Content Security Policy directive.

In order to fix this error, what would be the correct policy ids to add to the csp_whitelist.xmi file?


11. A Data Patch in a module being investigated implements \Magento\Framework\Setup\Patch\Patchversionlnterface and contains a getversion method which returns the string ‘2.4.2’.

What is the implication of this when php bin/magento setup:upgrade is run?


12. An Adobe Commerce Developer wishes to add an action to a pre-existing route, but does not wish to interfere with the functionality of the actions from the original route.

What must the developer do to ensure that their action works without any side effects in the original module?


13. An Adobe Commerce Developer is tasked with creating a custom module which implements a new product type. Upon completion, they find that any quantity information they enter against the product does not get saved, and reverts back to 0.

How would they go about correcting this?


14. An Adobe Commerce developer is tasked with adding custom data to orders fetched from the API While keeping best practices in mind, how would the developer achieve this?


15. A customer is creating a new website, store and store view that will have a new category structure.

How would an Adobe Commerce developer implement this?


16. An Adobe Commerce developer is developing a class that is executed in both the frontend and crontab areas. When executed in the frontend \Magnto\Customer\Model\session::getCu5tonteria() is called but when executed in the crontab this section of code is skipped.

Keeping performance and best practices in mind, what would be the best approach to achieve this?


17. When building a custom page we need to get a collection of data. To determine how many items are in this collection, the Adobe Commerce developer uses $collection->count() . This sometimes is slow and causes some delay.

What is the reason?


18. An Adobe Commerce Developer is tasked with creating a module which generates a sitemap by cron. While writing the module, they realize they will need to use environment emulation to ensure the data is generated from a frontend perspective. They notice that the Emulation: :startEnvironmentEmulation() method accepts a $force parameter.

Why would this be set to true?


19. An Adobe Commerce Developer is tasked with creating a custom form which submits its data to a (rontend controller. They have decided to create an action and have implemented the\magnto\Framework\App\Action|HttpPostInterface class, but are not seeing the data being persisted in the database, and an error message is being shown on the frontend after submission.

After debugging and ensuring that The data persistence logic is correct, what may be cause and solution to this?


20. An Adobe Commerce developer is being tasked with creating a new cron job to run a method that has already been written.

What are the minimally required steps to accomplish this?


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