Passed HCIA-Transmission H31-311-ENU Exam With High Score

Passed H31-311-ENU HCIA-Transmission(Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Transmission) exam with 900 points on May 2020. H31-311-ENU is the English version of HCIA-Transmission certification, if you want to pass your H31-311-ENU HCIA-Transmission exam, PassQuestion provides you valid HCIA-Transmission H31-311-ENU real exam questions to practice and pass your Huawei H31-311 exam successfully.

Test Online HCIA-Transmission H31-311-ENU Exam

1. When a fiber cut test is performed on a normal MSP ring, which of the following alarms is reported? (Multiple Choice)


2. When a bridge uses the IVL learning mode, the entry in the MAC address table is created according to the source MAC address and source port of the data frame. This entry is valid for all VLANs.


3. Compared with a dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) system, a coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) system provides a certain number of wavelengths and a transmission distance within ( ) km, which greatly reduces system cost and has strong flexibility.


4. The SNCP switching speed can be improved if you classify the SNCP services that have the same source, sink, or route into groups.


5. The standard Ethernet frame length should not be less than 64 bytes.
Which of the following factors cause this limitation? (Multiple Choice)


6. The device IP addresses of the gateway NE and non-gateway NEs must be set in the same network segment.


7. Which of the following are the service board types of MSTP devices? (Multiple Choice)


8. When the LCAS function is used, which of the following overhead bytes are used to transmit control information? (Multiple Choice)


9. Which of the following are the electrical-layer overheads of OTN? (Multiple Choice)


10. The working mode of a port determines the flow control mode of the port.
When the working mode is 100 Mbit/s full duplex, which of the following flow control modes can be used?


11. When the SXCS board is configured for an OSN 3500, which of the following is the access capacity of the subrack in full configuration?


12. When LMSP is configured, there are two switching modes: single-ended switching and dual-ended switching. The protection protocol does not need to be enabled for single-ended switching.


13. Which of the following statements about the optical-layer interfaces OTM-n.m and OTM-nr.m of OTN is incorrect?


14. Which of the following statements about the multiplex section remote error indication (MS-REI) is correct?

① The B2 byte indicates the transmission channel.

② The M1 byte indicates the transmission channel.

③ MS-REI is transmitted from the sink to the source.

④ MS-REI is transmitted from the source to the sink.

⑤ Indicates the number of detected bit errors after the sink receives the MS signals.


15. Which of the following is the frame whose VC-4 J1 byte is indicated by the current frame’s AU pointer?


16. When multiple users need to share the same VCTRUNK and use the same VLAN ID, the QinQ technology can be used.


17. Which of the following statements about the 1+1 protection of cross-connect boards are correct? (Multiple Choice)


18. In a WDM system, using a dielectric thin film filter (TFF) is ideal when fewer than () wavelengths are used.


19. According to the formula of “ODUk rate = 239/(239-k) x STM-N frame rate”, the ODU4 rate is equal to 239/235 x STM-N frame rate.


20. Linear MSP (LMSP) has two modes: 1+1 and 1:1. Extra services can be configured for the protection channel only in the 1:1 mode of LMSP.


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