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Will prepare for ISO-IEC-27001 Lead Implementer Exam? ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer training enables participants to acquire the knowledge necessary to support an organization in effectively planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and maintaining an information security management system (ISMS). PassQuestion PECB ISO-IEC-27001 Lead Implementer Exam Questions Online collected 50 questions and answers to help you well practiced and pass your ISO-IEC-27001 Lead Implementer exam successfully.

Test Online ISO-IEC-27001 Lead Implementer Free Questions

1. True or False: Organizations allowing teleworking activities, the physical security of the building and the local environment of the teleworking site should be considered


2. It is allowed that employees and contractors are provided with an anonymous reporting channel to report violations of information security policies or procedures (“whistle blowing”)


3. Which is a legislative or regulatory act related to information security that can be imposed upon all organizations?


4. Which of these reliability aspects is "completeness" a part of?


5. ISO 27002 provides guidance in the following area


6. What do employees need to know to report a security incident?


7. What is an example of a good physical security measure?


8. What is the greatest risk for an organization if no information security policy has been defined?


9. Midwest Insurance grades the monthly report of all claimed losses per insured as confidential.

What is accomplished if all other reports from this insurance office are also assigned the appropriate grading?


10. What is the ISO / IEC 27002 standard?


11. You are a consultant and are regularly hired by the Ministry of Defense to perform analysis. Since the assignments are irregular, you outsource the administration of your business to temporary workers. You don’t want the temporary workers to have access to your reports.

Which reliability aspect of the information in your reports must you protect?


12. Prior to employment, _________ as well as terms & conditions of employment are included as controls in ISO 27002 to ensure that employees and contractors understand their responsibilities and are suitable for the roles for which they are considered.


13. What are the data protection principles set out in the GDPR?


14. What should be used to protect data on removable media if data confidentiality or integrity are important considerations?


15. The company Midwest Insurance has taken many measures to protect its information. It uses an Information Security Management System, the input and output of data in applications is validated, confidential documents are sent in encrypted form and staff use tokens to access information systems.

Which of these is not a technical measure?


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