Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 84V1 PEGAPCBA84V1 Exam Questions

You can study the latest Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 84V1 PEGAPCBA84V1 Exam Questions for your preparation. Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) Version 8.4 certification concentrates on the ability to participate in the design and construction of a Pega application, by incorporating business objectives and requirements. PassQuestion new released Pega Certified Business Architect (PCBA) 84V1 PEGAPCBA84V1 Exam Questions to bring all the necessary information that is required to get PEGAPCBA84V1 exam.

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1. Consider the following user story:

As a customer, I want to be able to cancel an open service request at any time.

Select the configuration option that satisfies the user story.



A shipping company uses a Pega application for order processing and fulfillment.

The Membership level locally-sourced data type indicates the membership level of the customer.

The Address data type is used to verify the customer-entered billing and shipping addresses against a

comprehensive database of postal addresses.

The Delivery preference data type specifies whether the customer prefers the delivery person to call the

customer or ring the doorbell when dropping off a package.

In the graphic below, choose the appropriate data type based on how it is sourced.

3. A retail company wants to provide a tracking tool for customers to enter their order number and see the order status, package location, and estimated delivery date. A small number of customers have requested a visualization tool that allows them to see a map with the path their package has traveled.

Which option fits the scope for the minimum lovable product (MLP) based on Pega best practices?


4. A requirement states: When a customer applies for a credit card, a credit check must be completed in order for the credit card to be approved.

Select the case type relationship that satisfies the requirement.


5. Apartment tenants submit maintenance requests that specify their name, address, request type, and request description. The apartment management company often receives multiple requests from a single address about the same issue. The company wants to identify duplicate maintenance requests that are submitted less than 30 days apart.

Which three configurations, when applied in combination on the Search duplicate cases step, achieve this goal? (Choose Three)


6. Which two requirements demonstrate the need to configure correspondence? (Choose Two)


7. In a purchase order case the vendor assigned might not respond to a customer query in the desired amount of time required by policy. The vendor must respond within the time required according to policy.

Both the vendor and customer should be notified at each milestone.

To satisfy this requirement, create a service level that specifies two of the following options. (Choose Two)


8. An internal application currently grants 75 employees access to one of four roles: Admin, Author, User, and Manager. A new analyst who joins the company requires all the Author role access but only some of the reporting capabilities available to the Manager role.

How do you satisfy this security requirement?


9. Which two of the following use cases do you implement by using one or more calculated fields? (Choose Two)


10. How do you route an assignment so that any available member of the Finance department can perform the task?



Select each application design requirement on the left and drag it to the appropriate design approach on the right.

12. A government application provides field placeholder values to help users enter the correct data. The Design Lead has asked you to increase the font size on all field placeholder value components to help visually impaired users.

Which configuration applies the font styling requirement on the field placeholder values in the application?



Select each description on the left and drag it to the correct field type on the right.

14. In a purchase request case type, you have the following requirement: Purchase requests should automatically go to a manager of an employee.

To meet this requirement, you design a case with a________________.


15. User A should have application permissions that are identical to User B’s permissions.

Unlike User B, User A lacks access to the My Cases page.

How do you grant access to the My Cases page for User A?


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