PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 Free Questions – Pega Certified Robotics System Architect (PCRSA) 80V1 2019 V8.02

Since most Pega Certification exams V7.4 have been retired till 12/31/2019, new PEGA exams came for all candidates. Among all PEGA certification exams, the Pega Certified Robotics System Architect (PCRSA) certification exam is for software developers and system architects who have completed the prerequisite Robotics training. PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 exam is designed to validate the skills, knowledge, and tasks specific to automating Robotic solutions. To help you validate your skills and knowledge of PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 exam, we released new PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 exam questions online to ensure that you can pass Pega Certified Robotics System Architect (PCRSA) 80V1 2019 certification exam smoothly. Including, we will share PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 free questions online, before getting the full version PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 exam questions, just read the free demo questions first.

PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 Free Questions – Pega Certified Robotics System Architect (PCRSA) 80V1 2019 V8.02

1. You have extracted a proxy for a data set and are using it to pass the data into a procedure automation input parameter. In the procedure automation, the data link from the input parameter is not connecting to the stringValue on a stringUtils method.
What two troubleshooting steps do you perform to correct the issue? (Choose two.)


2. You are automating the login process for a web application. There are three possible scenarios that may occur: (1) You may successfully login, (2) you may not be successful logging in, or (3) you may log in but go to the change password screen.
Which control from the Toolbox do you use to determine which page you were on after performing the login function?


3. You created an RDA solution for a company that uses an application bar with various buttons that trigger robotic automations. Some of the users complained that the application bar often locks up during automation processing. Others complained that the automations enter the same data two to three times each iteration.
You suspect that the users are triggering the crashes and duplicate automation behavior by double-clicking the buttons on the application bar.
How do you resolve the situation?


4. Which of the following controls cannot be added to the Windows form?


5. You need to configure an application to store encrypted login credentials in the user’s local profile. You also need to automate the login using these encrypted credentials.
How do you fulfill this requirement without creating an automation?


6. You are designing an automation that adds new customers to an online insurance web site. If a customer exists, a pop-up window is displayed with an error message, which closes automatically after 35 seconds.
While debugging the automation, you notice that you are receiving a control not created exception message in the Add Customer procedure after a page navigation occurs.
How do you resolve the exception?


7. Your log on automation is failing and you cannot proceed because the Submit button is not enabled. After searching the HTML code, you discover that the Submit button is enabled only after the Password field experiences a key press.
How do you resolve the automation issue?


8. Select two statements that correctly describe adapters. (Choose two.)


9. In an automation that contains an ExcelRange component, you make a change to the data within the range, and you want to save those changes to the Excel file on disk.
Which of the following statements is valid?


10. Which two statements about Label/Jump To functionality are true? (Choose two.)


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