Pegasystems PEGAPCSA87V1 Practice Test Questions With Verified Answers

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1. Which two scenarios require you to configure conditional processing within the case type? (Choose Two.)


2. You are developing a Visa case type to process entry visa applications. As part of the process, applicants schedule an interview with the consulate. An Interview child case is created for the interview process. Following the interview, the consulate reaches a decisions within 48 hours or more. For Visa case to proceed to application notification, the Interview case needs to be resolved.

After you create the Interview child case, how to do you configure the case type to achieve the required behavior?


3. Which scenario is a use case for the Wait step?


4. A requirement states When a customer applies for a credit card, a credit check must be completed in order for the credit card to be approved.

Select the case type relationship that satisfies the requirement.


5. University admission application cases automatically advance in the case life cycle if the application standardized test scores are above a certain threshold.

The threshold is determined each year based on the provided national average score.

Which two configurations, when applied together, support this requirement? (Choose Two.)


6. A developer discovers that a calculated property value is returning an unexpected result.

Which two features of the Trace tool allow you to diagnose the problem without affecting application performed? (Choose Two.)


7. For which use case do you create a new rule in a Pega Platform application?

A designer reuses a UI section every time the same behavior is needed in the application.


8. How do you indicate the progress of a case toward resolution?


9. Which scenario requires you to make updates in Dev Studio?


10. Which two statements are true about styling controls in App Studio? (Choose two)


11. Which two statement are true about insights? (Choose two.)


12. In a Credit Card Payment case type, you want to set the yearly fee to USD 75.

How do you set the Yearly fee field?


13. A business architect has developed a new process for a case type. To verify that the UI elements collect the expected result, you want to test the process and the fields.

Which two configuration, when used together, allow you to record a set of interactions and save the test result to verify process functionality? (Choose two.)


14. On the Case Designer, who two component can users tag with a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) release for project sizing purposes? (Choose Two.)


15. On the case Designer, which two components can users tag with a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) release for project sizing purposes? (Choose two.)


16. You are asked to create a custom status named Open-Review. This status is to be applied to assignments in one application.

How do you satisfy the request?


17. ABC BankCorp wants to create a mobile app experience for users and CSRs for its Transaction Dispute application.

Of the following requirements, which option requires you to configure distinct mobile app channels?


18. Which two options can you configure for a mobile app channel? (Choose Two)


19. In a claims application customers can file home insurance claims. Each claims contains a list of items of loss. Depending on the situation, some claims… investigated for potential fraud in parallel to the actual claim process.

Which two case types do you create to support this scenario? (Choose two.)


20. In an Online retail application, the Order Receipt view displays a list of the product ordering, including the product image, unit cost, and quantity. The total cost of the order is displayed at the bottom of the view.

Which two configuration on the Receipt view must be together to display the required information as described? (Choose two.)


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