Perfect NSE6_FAC-6.1 Exam Questions For Fortinet NSE 6 – FortiAuthenticator 6.1

If you are going to take your NSE6_FAC-6.1 Fortinet NSE 6 – FortiAuthenticator 6.1 exam, These NSE6_FAC-6.1 actual questions and answers cover all the topics that you need to prepare before taking your Fortinet NSE6_FAC-6.1 exam. With NSE6_FAC-6.1 Practice Test Questions, you can secure high marks in the Fortinet NSE 6 – FortiAuthenticator 6.1 exam. Make sure you practice our NSE6_FAC-6.1 Practice Test Questions multiple times so that you can pass your Fortinet NSE6_FAC-6.1 exam easily.

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1. Which of the following is an QATH-based standart to generate event-based, one-time password tokens?


2. Which two statement about the RADIUS service on FortiAuthenticator are true? (Choose two)


3. You want to monitor FortiAuthenticator system information and receive FortiAuthenticator traps through SNMP.

Which two configurations must be performed after enabling SNMP access on the FortiAuthenticator interface? (Choose two)


4. Which statement about the guest portal policies is true?


5. Which three of the following can be used as SSO sources? (Choose three)


6. Which behaviors exist for certificate revocation lists (CRLs) on FortiAuthenticator? (Choose two)


7. You are the administrator of a large network that includes a large local user datadabase on

the current Fortiauthenticatior. You want to import all the local users into a new Fortiauthenticator device.

Which method should you use to migrate the local users?


8. Which two statements about the self-service portal are true? (Choose two)


9. Which two protocols are the default management access protocols for administrative access for FortiAuthenticator? (Choose two)


10. What are three key features of FortiAuthenticator? (Choose three)


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