PK0-004 Free Questions – CompTIA Project + Certification Exam V11.02

You need to make sure that you can get the latest version for passing CompTIA Project+ Certification Exam. We have updated PK0-004 CompTIA Project + Certification Exam Questions and Answers V11.02 to ensure that you can coordinate or manage small-to-medium-sized projects. PK0-004 exam questions online ensure that you can pass CompTIA Project+ PK0-004 exam smoothly.

PK0-004 Free Questions – CompTIA Project + Certification Exam V11.02

1. The executive sponsor asks a project manager to summarize the following for a project:
1. Final capital expenditures.
2. Anticipated cost of new employee resources to support the solution.
3. Maintenance estimates.
Which of the following information should the project manager provide?


2. Which of the following defines a group of projects that work together to achieve a common goal?


3. A team lead informs the project manager that the datacenter will not be accessible when the project needs to be completed. The team lead also indicates that the team member who is assigned to complete the datacenter project is out on medical leave.
Which of the following should a project manager update to document this information?


4. One deliverable failed during testing, and this has already happened several times.
Which of the following tools is MOST appropriate for the project team to use to determine the cause of the problem?


5. During the initiation phase, a project manager has asked for a document containing the high-level objectives and goals for a project.
Which of the following documents would contain these items?


6. The project manager for a TV tower construction project receives notification that a strong storm is expected the following week.
Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?


7. A company hires an outside vendor to provide 24/7 support.
Which of the following documents would determine the contractual obligations?


8. A critical stakeholder has requested additional status updated beyond the schedule.
Which of the following factors MOST likely needs to be accounted for when communicating with this stakeholder?


9. The PMO is responsible for: (Choose two.)


10. Which of the following activities are associated with the closing phase of a project? (Choose two.)


11. Which of the following describes a burn rate?


12. A project sponsor and Chief Information Officer (CIO) disagree about how to release the final deliverables to the market. The sponsor wants to do a massive product release, while the CIO wants to be extremely cautious and add more time for testing and defect resolution. The project manager works with both parties and determines the best solution is to roll the product out in a pilot release to see how it tests, and then use customer feedback to determine next steps.
Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is the project manager using?


13. A project requires daily status updates.
Which of the following is the MOST effective method for providing these updates?


14. A project manager is justifying a required change with the associated impact on the project.
Which of the following is the NEXT step?


15. There are four parallel paths on a network diagram.
The summary duration of each path is below:
A, C, G: 10 weeks
A, B, F: 8 weeks
D, E, H: 12 weeks
D, B, F: 7 weeks
Which of the following tasks are on the critical path?


16. A project team is comprised of a mix of in-house and virtual team members.
When a complex announcement needs to go out to the entire project team, which of the following is the MOST effective way to communicate it?


17. A stakeholder is unaware of a project’s status.
Which of the following documents should the project manager consult to ensure all stakeholders are notified of project changes? (Choose two.)


18. A project manager is assigned to a project and has not had a handover meeting with the previous project manager. The new project manager is reviewing the percent of project completion, schedule progress, and budget constraints.
Which of the following documents should the project manager use to obtain this information?


19. A project manager is creating the WBS.
In which of the following phases is the project?


20. Which of the following is a characteristics of a matrix organization?


21. The project manager was asked to provide recommendations for the removal of a vendor. A meeting was scheduled with the key stakeholders and the project sponsor to highlight the reasons for this recommendation.
Which of the following should the project manager bring to the meeting to support this recommendation? (Choose two.)


22. A project manager is attempting to establish the proper sequencing and duration of project activities.
Which of the following would be the MOST beneficial?


23. Which of the following are characteristics of a project? (Choose two.)


24. A company has determined it does not have the in-house capability to perform a project and wants to procure third-party services.
Which of the following documents will the company MOST likely release FIRST?


25. A WBS is being developed for a project.
Which of the following would be BEST suited to contribute cost and time estimates for the project activities?


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