Professional Cloud Developer Free Questions – Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Developer V8.02

As a new item on PassQuestion, Professional Cloud Developer exam becomes more and more popular. One individual who holds Professional Cloud Developer certification builds scalable and highly available applications using Google recommended practices and tools that leverage fully managed services. New Professional Cloud Developer exam questions are based on the real exam topics, which contain real exam questions and accurate answers for passing Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Developer certification exam.

Professional Cloud Developer Free Questions – Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Developer V8.02

1. Your company wants to expand their users outside the United States for their popular application. The company wants to ensure 99.999% availability of the database for their application and also wants to minimize the read latency for their users across the globe.
Which two actions should they take? (Choose two.)


2. You have two tables in an ANSI-SQL compliant database with identical columns that you need to quickly combine into a single table, removing duplicate rows from the result set.
What should you do?


3. You are deploying your application to a Compute Engine virtual machine instance with the Stackdriver Monitoring Agent installed. Your application is a unix process on the instance. You want to be alerted if the unix process has not run for at least 5 minutes. You are not able to change the application to generate metrics or logs.
Which alert condition should you configure?


4. You have an application deployed in production. When a new version is deployed, some issues don’t arise until the application receives traffic from users in production. You want to reduce both the impact and the number of users affected.
Which deployment strategy should you use?


5. You need to copy directory local-scripts and all of its contents from your local workstation to a Compute Engine virtual machine instance.
Which command should you use?


6. Your website is deployed on Compute Engine. Your marketing team wants to test conversion rates between 3 different website designs.
Which approach should you use?


7. You migrated your applications to Google Cloud Platform and kept your existing monitoring platform. You now find that your notification system is too slow for time critical problems.
What should you do?


8. You want to upload files from an on-premises virtual machine to Google Cloud Storage as part of a data migration. These files will be consumed by Cloud DataProc Hadoop cluster in a GCP environment.
Which command should you use?


9. You are planning to migrate a MySQL database to the managed Cloud SQL database for Google Cloud. You have Compute Engine virtual machine instances that will connect with this Cloud SQL instance. You do not want to whitelist IPs for the Compute Engine instances to be able to access Cloud SQL.
What should you do?


10. You have deployed an HTTP(s) Load Balancer with the gcloud commands shown below.
Professional Cloud Developer Questions
Health checks to port 80 on the Compute Engine virtual machine instance are failing and no traffic is sent to your instances. You want to resolve the problem.
Which commands should you run?


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