Professional Cloud Security Engineer Free Questions – Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Security Engineer V8.02

In today’s IT world, Cloud Technology is the trend. As one of hot Cloud Certifications, Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer becomes more and more popular. A Professional Cloud Security Engineer enables organizations to design and implement a secure infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform. We have learning materials online to help you prepare for Professional Cloud Security Engineer exam well. New Professional Cloud Security Engineer exam questions are available in pdf file and testing engine. We can be sure that Professional Cloud Security Engineer exam questions is great for 100% passing.

Professional Cloud Security Engineer Free Questions – Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Security Engineer V8.02

1. Your team needs to make sure that a Compute Engine instance does not have access to the internet or to any Google APIs or services.

Which two settings must remain disabled to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


2. Which two implied firewall rules are defined on a VPC network? (Choose two.)


3. A customer needs an alternative to storing their plain text secrets in their source-code management (SCM) system.

How should the customer achieve this using Google Cloud Platform?


4. Your team wants to centrally manage GCP IAM permissions from their on-premises Active Directory Service. Your team wants to manage permissions by AD group membership.

What should your team do to meet these requirements?


5. When creating a secure container image, which two items should you incorporate into the build if possible? (Choose two.)


6. A customer needs to launch a 3-tier internal web application on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The customer’s internal compliance requirements dictate that end-user access may only be allowed if the traffic seems to originate from a specific known good CIDR. The customer accepts the risk that their application will only have SYN flood DDoS protection. They want to use GCP’s native SYN flood protection.

Which product should be used to meet these requirements?


7. A company is running workloads in a dedicated server room. They must only be accessed from within the private company network. You need to connect to these workloads from Compute Engine instances within a Google Cloud Platform project.

Which two approaches can you take to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)


8. A customer implements Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy for their ERP system hosted on Compute Engine. Their security team wants to add a security layer so that the ERP systems only accept traffic from Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy.

What should the customer do to meet these requirements?


9. A company has been running their application on Compute Engine. A bug in the application allowed a malicious user to repeatedly execute a script that results in the Compute Engine instance crashing. Although the bug has been fixed, you want to get notified in case this hack re-occurs.

What should you do?


10. Your team needs to obtain a unified log view of all development cloud projects in your SIEM. The development projects are under the NONPROD organization folder with the test and pre-production projects. The development projects share the ABC-BILLING billing account with the rest of the organization.
Which logging export strategy should you use to meet the requirements?


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