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1. A vSphere administrator is performing a greenfield vSphere deployment with these requirements:

– vCenter Server sized for 100 ESXi hosts and 1000 virtual machines

– Each ESXi Host with 512 LUNs and 2048 paths mapped from Dell EMC XtremIO Storage Array

Which vCenter Server Appliance deployment size meets requirements?


2. What is used by a VM for direct access to a LUN?


3. A vSphere administrator uses a Dedicated Failover Hosts Admission Control Policy in a cluster. An ESXi host fails and vSphere HA attempts to restart the VMs onto the dedicated failover hosts. The hosts have insufficient resources.

What happens to the VMs?


4. Which migration technique could be used to move a VM between vCenters while the VM is powered on?


5. A VSS is configured with two uplinks and assigned a load balancing policy route based on a virtual port ID.

What are two potential disadvantages of this configuration?


6. Which permission should be granted to a user with Administrator permission and with no access to the encrypted VM console?


7. Which feature allows a vSphere administrator to reduce power consumption on a cluster?


8. How is vCenter HA different from vSphere HA?


9. Which file extension can export host customization for host profiles?


10. A vSphere administrator notices performance issues with the vCenter Server Appliance. The CPU usage is over 70%.

Which two actions should the administrator take to investigate the performance issues? (Choose two.)


11. A vSphere Administrator is receiving complaints a database VM is experiencing performance issues. The VM is a member of the high priority resource pool and the cluster has not experienced contention.

Which condition should be checked to address immediate performance concerns?


12. What could cause a high %RDY value?


13. Refer to the exhibit.

What is required to fix the PSOD?


14. An administrator decides to implement vSphere networking using the VDS.

Which binding option should the administrator use to manage the VMs if vCenter becomes unavailable?


15. A vSphere administrator configures log forwarding for remote syslog server in a vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) through the vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface (VAMI).

What is the maximum number of remote syslog servers that can be configured?


16. A vSphere administrator needs to migrate VMs in the same vCenter from New York to California due to impending severe weather.

Which migration should the administrator perform without causing VM downtime?


17. Which vSphere APIs support storage hardware acceleration?


18. A vSphere administrator discovers the size of the .vswp file for a VM with 2 vCPUs and 4GB of memory is zero.

What could be the cause?


19. Which action should be taken to secure ISCSI devices in a vSphere environment?


20. What are two advantages of deploying a VDS as compared to a VSS? (Choose two.)


21. A vSphere administrator has renamed the inventory name of a virtual machine.

Which task should the administrator perform to ensure the virtual machine files are also renamed to match the new virtual machine name?


22. An administrator needs to identify where the VM encryption settings are stored.

Which file stores the encryption setting?


23. In a vSphere HA enabled cluster, what happens if the master host is unable to communicate with a slave host over the management network?


24. Where is vCenter SSO configured?


25. Which VM storage policy rule category ensures all VMs for a department are on the same datastore?


26. After installing vCenter, which two identity sources and users are available by default? (Choose two.)


27. A vSphere administrator has configured software ISCSI port binding in the environment with two VMkernel ports and four target portals.

How many ISCSI sessions would be created from bound ports to targets?


28. A vSphere administrator is required to join all strategies ESXi hosts to an Active Directory domain for enhanced security.

Which utility would accomplish this?


29. An administrator runs multiple clusters spread across multiple vCenters. The administrator needs to be able to migrate any VM to any cluster.

On which two vCenter Server objects could the administrator configure EVC mode to fulfill this requirement? (Choose two.)


30. Which rule should be used in an SDRS environment to create a VM requiring virtual disks be kept on different datastores?


31. What should be installed on a VM to enhance performance and enable additional features?


32. Which two availability features require a VM restart for recovery? (Choose two.)


33. A vSphere Administrator wants to convert a vCenter Server instance with an external Platform Services Controller to an embedded Platform Services Controller instance.

Which tool should be used to accomplish this?


34. An administrator runs vSphere Infrastructure in the following configuration:

– Single vCenter

– Multiple data centers

– Multiple clusters under each data center, all with identical hardware

The administrator wants to use host profiles to manage the hosts.

Where should the administrator attach the host profile?


35. A customer is experiencing a network performance problem and is using the esxtop utility to determine the cause. Esxtop reveals no dropped packets.

Which two conditions should the customer check? (Choose two.)


36. When using VMware Converter to import a Windows server and improve the consistency of the destination virtual machine, which optional step can be performed immediately prior to powering down the source server?


37. Restoration of the vCenter Server Appliance is accomplished using which interface?


38. When will vSphere Data Protection delete the expired backup image of a Platform Service Controller?


39. Which two storage technologies are supported for MSCS? (Choose two.)


40. The administrator must back up a vCenter HA deployment.

Which component must be backed up?


41. vSphere Availability considers which two factors for virtual machine restarts? (Choose two.)


42. A vSphere Administrator has multiple virtual machines running on a VMFS datastore.

Which option prioritizes the disk access for the virtual machines?


43. What should be installed on a VM to assist with VM-to-host time synchronization?


44. An administrator runs a vSphere cluster containing database VMs with extremely heavy disk I/O. Database VMs are placed on a costly all-flash array. The workloads are not memory intensive.

How can the administrator ensure the most cost-effective utilization of the all-flash storage array?


45. An administrator has an environment with these conditions and requirements:

– The host provides 6GHz of CPU and 32GB of memory

– The host is shared between the Marketing and QA departments

– The QA department needs a higher compute resource priority

How can the administrator meet the conditions and requirements?


46. Which port is used for communication between ESXi and vSphere Data protection?


47. Which two choices are applicable to vSphere Availability? (Choose two.)


48. Which two options can optimize conversion with VMware Converter? (Choose two.)


49. A vSphere Administrator wants to move a vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller from one SSO domain to another SSO domain.

Which option in cmsso-util will achieve this?


50. Using vSphere HA Orchestrated Restart an administrator places the most mission critical VM in the highest priority. After a host failure, the highest priority VM fails to restart while VMs in high priority restart.

What would cause this to occur?


51. An administrator wants to ensure the VMs for two different departments are separated on a single broadcast domain.

Which configuration fulfills this requirement?


52. A vSphere administrator wants to enable Proactive HA in a vSphere cluster.

What is required to use this feature?


53. A vSphere administrator is trying to create a resource pool but the option is grayed out.

What must be enabled before creating a resource pool?


54. An administrator is concerned about the amount of time the IT team takes to create multiple VLANs in a very dynamic vSphere environment.

The environment has these parameters:

– All virtual networking utilizes vSphere Standard Switches with uplinks to a Cisco Infrastructure

– Activities require 5-10 VLANs being created or removed every couple of days

– The IT team has three members

How can the administrator centralize the virtual networking configuration so the IT team utilizes time more efficiently?


55. A cluster contains database VMs which have low utilization, except during a weekly data load that causes extremely high utilization.

As DRS balances the VM load, there is an extended period of slow performance.

Which two actions could be taken to reduce the impact of the recurring data load? (Choose two.)


56. A vSphere Administrator configures Quick Boot to restart an ESXi host without rebooting the physical hardware.

In order to troubleshoot any ESXi Quick Boot issues which log file needs to be reviewed?]


57. Which two logs should be examined to troubleshoot a Windows vCenter Server upgrade failure? (Choose two.)


58. When working with VM-VM DRS rules (affinity/anti-affinity), which statement is correct?


59. Which statement is true regarding Network-Aware DRS?


60. An administrator is installing a Platform Services Controller Instance.

Which two options are available during the installation process? (Choose two.)


61. For security reasons the VMware vSphere Update Manager (VUM) has no Internet access.

What can be used to provide a central shared repository in a DMZ?


62. Which two tasks are allowed in the X-Lence data center? (Choose two.)


63. What are two components of a VM-Host affinity rule? (Choose two.)


64. What does ESXi Autoconfiguration do?


65. An administrator is using vSphere Web Client to configure the firewall to allow specific third-party application SSH access to an ESXi Host.

What is the most secure way to configure the firewall rule?


66. In a single cluster VM encryption scenario, which two VMs should be executed from encryption? (Choose two.)


67. Which vSphere feature is designed to distribute space usage and I/O load across multiple datastores?


68. A vSphere administrator creates a VM with 2 vCPUs and 4GB memory. A 3GB memory reservation is applied to the VM.

What size is .vswp file when the VM is powered on?


69. An administrator suspects poor VM performance.

The administrator runs esxtop and sees the following output from the CPU and memory screens:

6:48:19pm up 4:22, 528 worlds, 8 VMs, 16 vCPUs, CPU load average: 0.26, 0.36, 0.16 VMKMEM/MB: 8151 managed: 407 minfree, 3055 rsvd, 5095 ursvd, high state

What can the administrator conclude from this output?


70. What is a benefit of using resource pools?


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