PSM II Real Exam Questions – Professional Scrum Master II

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The Professional Scrum MasterTM level II (PSM II) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to demonstrate his or her ability to apply the Scrum framework to solving advanced, complex problems in the real world. Those that pass the assessment will receive the industry recognized PSM II Certification as an indication of their advanced knowledge and abilities pertaining to Scrum and the role of the Scrum Master.

PSM II Real Exam Questions – Professional Scrum Master II

1. A Scrum Master is not only a servant-leader to the Scrum Team and organization, it’s also considered a management position.

Which three activities describe what a Scrum Master manages as reflected by the Scrum Guide? (Choose three.)


2. An organization has just hired you as a new Scrum Master to help them transition their teams from their current traditional process to Scrum. The teams are currently structured to specialize in a single function. This is also known as component teams where a team would only address a single layer (i.e. design, frontend, backend, database, testing, etc.). You’ve introduced the concept of cross-functional teams where all the skills needed to produce business functionality, from end to end, are inside of a single team.

What should you keep in mind when transitioning from siloed teams to cross-functional teams? (Choose two.)


3. Paul is a Product Owner for multiple products. Each product is allocated a dedicated Scrum Team and a set budget. Based on the average velocity of a previous product release, Paul had estimated a new product to take 9 Sprints to complete. The average velocity of the previous product release was 50 completed units of work per Sprint. Over the first 3 Sprints, the Development Team reported an average velocity of 40 completed units per Sprint, while not fully completing the required integration tests. The Development Team estimates that integration testing would require additional effort to make the increments shippable. The Development Team is unsure if the required velocity is achievable.

What is the most effective way to recover?


4. Paul, a Product Owner of one of the Scrum Teams, has been attending the Daily Scrum. During the Daily Scrum, the Development Team members have been reporting their daily work to Paul so that he is aware of their Sprint progress and what each member is working on.

What is the best action for the Scrum Master to take?


5. Steven, the Scrum Master, is approached by one of the Development Team members saying that they are not completing regression tests for all of the work they are performing to the level defined in the Definition of Done. They have discussed this with the Product Owner and decided to remove regression testing from the Definition of Done.

Which two actions are the most appropriate for Steven to take? (Choose two.)


6. At the end of the eighth Sprint, the internal sponsors are upset and angry with the progress of the product being built. The current state of the product is not as expected and will require additional Sprints and more budget than originally anticipated at the start of the project.

What factors may have led to this? (Choose three.)


7. Three Development Teams are currently building a single product and pulling work from the same Product Backlog. All three teams have identified that they will need Dan, a database specialist, to work full time in their team for the next several Sprints.

What should Steven, the Scrum Master, do to solve this potential problem?


8. An organization wants to apply Scrum to build a new product and has hired Steven to be the Scrum Master of three new teams that will build the first release. The organization is new to Scrum and asks Steven for advice on how to start.

Which two things should Steven first advise? (Choose two.)


9. A Development Team has a total of six members, 4 members who work full time in the office and 2 members who work part time at home. The Development Team is complaining that it is too difficult to synchronize every day and has suggested having the Daily Scrum every other day instead.

What would be three key concerns if the Daily Scrum is held less frequently? (Choose three.)


10. Steven is a Scrum Master asked to assist in creating five new Scrum Teams that will be working to build a highly anticipated product. He talks with them about the importance of being able to integrate their Increments by the end of their Sprints. This includes the first Sprints. The product is very important to both the end users and the organization.

Of the choices raised by future team members, what would Steven encourage?


11. According to the values of Scrum, which is the best way to create Development Teams?


12. When multiple Scrum Teams are working from the same Product Backlog, also known as scaled Scrum, they must still work in conformance of the Scrum guide.


13. In Scrum, how would budgeting and financial forecasting be performed? (Choose two.)


14. Steven is a Scrum Master that was hired to help an organization, that is new to Scrum, understands and enacts Scrum effectively.

Which three activities would be acceptable? (Choose three.)


15. A Scrum Team has been working on a product for several iterations and has an average velocity of 55 units of ‘done’ work per Sprint. A second team will be added to work on the same product.

What might be the impact on the original team?


16. What would be two boundaries, defined in Scrum, that give guidance for teams to effectively self-organize? (Choose two.)


17. Peter, the Product Owner, has been giving positive recognition to individual Development Team members who have moved their work to ‘done’ during the Daily Scrum. Peter wants to ensure the team is adhering to the ideal guideline on the burndown chart.

What would be two valid actions for Steven, the Scrum Master, to take? (Choose two.)


18. A Scrum Team has requested a hardening Sprint to integrate the work produced in previous Sprints and test before releasing.

What three scenarios has likely occurred? (Choose three.)


19. Which three statements best describe the purpose of having a Definition of Done? (Choose three.)


20. Successful use of Scrum depends on how well people behave and act in ways that reflect the Scrum values.

What can the value of openness affect?


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