Pulse Connect Secure (PCS): Administration and Configuration PCS Exam Questions

Pulse Connect Secure (PCS): Administration and Configuration is a Pulse Secure Certified Technical Expert Certification Exam. Pulse Connect Secure (PCS): Administration and Configuration PCS Exam Questions are written by the top professional, who spent a lot time and energy based on PCS exam topics areas. PassQuestion PCS Exam Questions will help you go through the Pulse Connect Secure (PCS): Administration and Configuration PCS exam at first attempt.

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1. Which method of access can be used to support Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) access from internet kiosks?


2. True or False: Pulse Connect Secure supports Multifactor Authentication.


3. What Access Management Framework function determines what internal system users can access?


4. Pulse client’s location awareness rules allow an endpoint to initiate connection based upon which options: (Choose two.)


5. Which element cannot be configured when creating Web Resource Profiles?


6. Which of the following are NOT required in an active/active cluster? (Choose two.)


7. The default maximum local log file size is:


8. Which MDM solutions are supported by PCS? (Choose three.)


9. While browsing Web sites that are being rewritten by the PCS device, users encounter several SSL-enabled sites that appear to have invalid certificates.

What are three ways that the administrator could configure the PCS device to respond? (Choose three.)


10. You have configured your PCS device to use OCSP for certificate validation.

Which statement is true?


11. True or False: A virtual appliance can only get licenses from a virtual license server.


12. True or False: An Active/Passive cluster requires external load balancer.


13. Which user role is configured by default?


14. What PCS Element determines the access methods and services to be used and sets the appearance of the start page for agentless access?


15. True or False: Pulse Connect Secure virtual appliances are available for AWS and Azure?


16. What is the maximum number of nodes SUPPORTED in an Active/Active cluster of PSA7000?


17. Which custom expression would allow users to login only during business hours (8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday)?


18. Connection set connection options allow for configuration of which option?


19. In the authentication process, after successfully validating the users credentials against the configured authentication server, what does Pulse Connect Secure do next?


20. True or False: Pulse Connect Secure offers endpoint health check validation.


21. Which option is NOT supported when defining an Active Directory server?


22. Realm and Role assignment information can be found in which log type?


23. True or False: Meeting (MTG) license is not required for the Pulse Collaboration feature.


24. True or False: In a clustered environment, each PCS node performs Auto Leasing by itself.


25. Which of the following are mandatory when deploying a Connect Secure cluster? (Choose two.)


26. When configuring a realm to require multiple sign-in credentials, which three are valid secondary authentication methods? (Choose three.)


27. Which two elements do detailed resource policy rules contain? (Choose two.)


28. During the login process user attributes can be collected from where?


29. What important condition must be met for Kerberos SSO to function?


30. Authentication Realms specify the authentication server, authentication policy, user directory/attribute store and what other element?


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