Rational Team Concert V6 C2010-825 Exam Questions (60 Q&As)

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Test Online Rational Team Concert V6 C2010-825 Free Questions

1. A developer is working on a task with outgoing change sets in a loaded repository workspace when a manager identifies a new, critical task that must be performed immediately. There are currently no unresolved changes.

Without creating another repository workspace, how can the developer safely work on the critical task without losing the pending changes of the initial task?


2. An administrator has created a new type of work item with its own unique workflow. When the users begin to use this new work item type, the available states and actions are not from the expected workflow.

How can the administrator correct this?


3. How does RTC support agile planning?


4. A developer using the RTC Eclipse client is viewing the history of a component. The developer would like to understand which source files were included in one of the change sets.

How could the developer accomplish this?


5. A team is struggling to find the correct build result and wants to automatically reduce the amount of results retained.

How can this be accomplished?


6. Management has requested that two RTC evaluation servers and two RTC departmental servers be deployed. Each RTC server will have a firewall blocking access to jazz.net and requires different installation packages.

What is the correct installation option?


7. A development has organized the source code into components and found that there is a strong dependency or containment relationship between two of the components.

What action could the development team take to establish this relationship?


8. A user notices that work items in the release backlog are initially unordered.

What must be done to update the ordering?


9. A user would like to set up a variable with a value that can be referenced in other fields of the Build Definition editor.

What must be added to the build definition?


10. A manager would like to create a query to show closed work items for a team area in a project.

Which query feature is used to select the team area at runtime?


11. What is the source of the data to create metric based reports?


12. A report author needs to produce a JRS report that only shows high priority work items.

How can this be accomplished?


13. A user wants a query to filter work items in the closed group of a workflow.

Which option in the query condition allows this?


14. A user needs to export the results from a work item query in the RTC Eclipse client.

Which of the below file formats can be used?


15. A development team would like to apply tighter governance of code towards the end of its release.

How is this implemented? (Choose two.)


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