RCDD-001 Practice Test Questions – BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer – RCDD

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RCDD-001 Practice Test Questions – BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer – RCDD

1. Which characteristic is an advantage of copper based media over optical fiber cable?


2. Which is an advantage of stranded conductors over solid conductors?


3. Composite conductors, although not generally recommended, may be used in special circumstances because they provide all of the following advantages EXCEPT:


4. Which electrical characteristic is displayed with the correct preferred value?


5. If the input signal power to a communication system is 1 W and the output power is 1 mW, the system attenuation is:


6. Two sinusoidal signals have the same amplitude (A) and the same frequency (f). They differ in phase by 180 degrees.

If these two signals are added together, the result is a sinusoidal signal having an amplitude of:


7. Which of the following correctly lists the lowest frequency band to the highest frequency band?


8. The conversion of an analog speech signal to a pulse code modulation (PCM) digital signal involves all of the following steps EXCEPT:


9. The signal at the input to a balanced twisted pair cable is 10 mW. The cable is 1000 feet long and has an attenuation of 1 dB per 100 feet. This cable is connected to the input of a receiver. The noise level at the input to the receiver is 1 microwatt.

What is the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) (dB) at the receiver input?


10. You must place CAT6 cable above a factory floor with automated welding machines and hammer forges.

Of the following, what type of shielding would be most effective?


11. Time division multiplexing (TDM) systems are designed to transport ________ between end point systems.


12. The public telephone system is an example of a __________ system.


13. A reasonable approximation for the signal speed in 100 ohm balanced twisted pair cable is __________, where c is the velocity of light in free space.


14. Assume that the optical power transmitted by a 62.5/125 multimode fiber is distributed uniformly across its core. If this fiber is perfectly coupled (i.e., the two fibers are aligned and abutted) to a 50/125 fiber, what is the percent of power that is lost?


15. You must place a cable between 2 equipment locations with separate grounds having a potential difference between them of 2.1 V rms.

Which one of the following cables should NOT be used?


16. A video camera has a coaxial cable output. The video signal is to be distributed to devices that have balanced twisted pair inputs.

The transition between these two different transmission media can be accomplished by using a:


17. Optical transmitters are typically one of the following types EXCEPT:


18. All of the following are nominal wavelengths for laser light sources EXCEPT:


19. A SONET OC-1 channel can carry 672 voice signals and has a data rate of 51.84 Mbps. A SONET OC-48 channel can carry 32,256 voice channels.

What MINIMUM data rate is required for the OC-48 channel?


20. Wave division multiplexing (WDM) is most similar to:


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