RCPE Certified Professional WAN Optimization 830-01 Exam Questions

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1. What do you need to ensure when connecting a SteelHead to a Hardware Security Module?


2. For optimized encrypted MAPI, is the inner channel encrypted by default?


3. Which report displays the rate of established SSL connections?


4. A customer is complaining that all optimized connections to their internal website cause a splash screen indicating an untrusted certificate. If the users click to accept the risks and add a security exception in their browsers, it all works fine.

What is a likely cause?


5. Authentication fails for certain users after configuring the joining of the server-side SteelHead appliance to the domain as a read-only domain controller (RODC).

What is the most likely issue?


6. You join a SteelHead appliance to a domain as Active Directory Integrated (Windows 2008 and later).

How will this appear in Active Directory?


7. You have a Windows server that negotiates SMB3 encryption with the client. If you enable SMB3 optimization, but do not configure signing on the SteelHead, will there be any latency optimization?


8. What is the purpose of creating an account in Active Directory with Replication User privilege for the use of the SteelHeads?


9. Which statement is true about NFS optimization?


10. What does the SaaS Accelerator Manager (SAM) use to calculate the capacity of service instances in the SaaS service cluster based on the type of application?


11. In which type of computing does the cloud provider provide users with the platform and environment to develop, manage, and run applications over the Internet?


12. You raise a support case at Priority 2 – High.

How soon can you expect a response from Riverbed Support?


13. Which diagnostic tool contains a copy of the historical statistics, logs, and configuration data on the system?


14. The maximum TCP option field size is __________ bytes.


15. In which of the following Transparency Modes do the Client and Server retain their own IP addressing across the WAN?


16. What is the benefit of configuring Datastore Sync between SteelHeads?


17. Which of these are true statements?


18. What is required for optimization to occur when deploying SteelHeads on an 802.1Q trunk?


19. When a SteelHead is on a VLAN trunk, what is the required simplified routing setting?


20. Which SteelHead appliance deployment mode uses the Primary interface for optimization?


21. You should use a __________ cable to the WAN0_0 interface if you are connecting to a switch interface, and a __________ cable to the WAN0_0 interface if you are connecting to a router interface.


22. What is the purpose of configuring Subnet-Side Rules?


23. In virtual in-path deployments, such as PBR, what is never used?


24. During normal operation of a WCCP cluster, Hash or Mask prevent asymmetry; however, in periods of failover this may not be the case.

What should you do to prevent asymmetry during a failover?


25. In a Quad Interceptor deployment with two paths, what are the correct settings to configure for High Availability?


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