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Below is free NS0-303 practice exam questions for testing online

1. A customer has configured a replication policy of a mirror-vault type to replicate data between a volume in their ONTAP cluster and Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance.

They have configured the relationship between the source and the destination volumes and also set up a replication schedule. However, the replication falls.

In this scenario, what caused this problem?


2. You are setting up a SnapVault relationship from on-premises AFF A800 to Cloud Volumes ONTAP using the default policy. You have three unlabeled, seven daily, and two weekly Snapshot copies.

In this situation, how many Snapshots copies will be replicated?


3. You are deploying Cloud Volume ONTAP HA configuration in multiple Availability Zones in AWS. You want to ensure high availability of your data if a failure occurs.

Which two steps accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


4. You have a cloud-connected storage system that is located in a collocation facility that uses a direct connect into AWS. The direct connect circuit is already configured, and it is working for the SVMs that were created earlier on the cluster.

You are creating a new SVM on the storage cluster in your collocation. You want your compute nodes in AWS to be able to connect to the storage on the newly created SVM.

Which two steps must you perform to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


5. You want to create a new volume for Azure NetApp Files. In this scenario, which three fields are mandatory? (Choose three.)


6. You are using a NetApp HCI and are asked to perform offsite backups of all data.

Which three targets satisfy this requirement? (Choose three.)


7. Which two network topologies would support SnapMirror data replication from Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure to Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS? (Choose two.)


8. Which component is used to enable failover for Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA in AWS?


9. You have an NFS export in Cloud Volumes Service, but have an application requirement for block access and SCSI-2 reservations. You need to migrate the data to a new iSCSI LUN presented to a Linux server from Cloud Volumes ONTAP. The Linux server is also running an NFS server.

In this scenario, which tool would you use to perform this task?


10. What are two network requirements when providing an unused IPv4 CIDR block when onboarding to Cloud Volumes Service for AWS? (Choose two.)


11. You are modifying the service level from standard to premium.

In this situation, which two Cloud Volumes Service parameters are modified? (Choose two.)


12. You want to set up data protection from your on-premises AFF A800 to Cloud Volumes ON TAP with 14 days retention and an hourly refresh rate.

In this situation, what should you do to accomplish this task?


13. Which two elements should be configured for a VPN connection in AWS? (Choose two.)


14. As the administrator of NetApp Cloud Insights, you want to set up an alert on your on-premlses NetApp ONTAP system when a volume reaches 70% full.

In this situation, which two actions are required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)


15. What is the difference between a mirror and a backup replication policy?


16. When provisioning storage for Cloud Volumes ONTAP In Azure using Cloud Manage, why Is the maximum usable size of a FlexVol volume 76.55


17. Your OnCommand Cloud Manager instance has database corruption. You create a new OnCommand Cloud Manager Instance with no data, and your ON1AP instances are still running with no issues.

You want to bring the cloud and on-premises ONTAP instances into the new OnCommand Cloud Manager working environment.

In this scenario, which two actions will satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)


18. You are managing a large NetApp hybrid cloud estate across your business and are experiencing VM performance problems. You are asked to investigate. You need a tool that provides monitoring capabilities and enables you to solve specific issues quickly.

Which NetApp tool would you deploy to satisfy these requirements?


19. An application developer asks you for a new Cloud Volumes Service volume for AWS that supports SMB and NFS access for development and testing purposes.

In this scenario, what should you do to support the developer’s request?


20. You need to deploy OnCommand Cloud Manager so that you can use a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance in you? AWS public cloud infrastructure.

You want to be able to manage the SnapMirror relationship between your local engineered NetApp storage solution and the Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance. You have a direct connect network between your local network and your AWS VPC.

In this scenario, in which two locations would you deploy OnCommand Cloud Manager? (Choose two.)


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