SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam Questions

SAP Certified Application Associate – Central Finance in SAP S4HANA certification exam validates that the candidate possesses the fundamental and core knowledge required of the Central Finance profile. This certification proves that the candidate has an overall understanding and in‐depth technical skills to participate as a member of a project team in a mentored role. This certification exam is recommended as an entry level qualification. You can get the latest SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam Questions to practice, and you will pass your C_S4FCF_1809 exam successfully.

Test Online SAP Certified Application Associate C_S4FCF_1809 Exam Questions

1. In a two system landscape, you want to transport SAP HANA information models from the source system to a target system. The source system has information objects that refer to physical schema S1. The target system uses physical schema S2. When you import the information objects into the target system, the information objects at the target cannot be opened as they still refer to schema S1.

What must you do to be able to open the information objects in the target system?


2. How can you improve the performance of an information model?


3. Two attribute views in the same analytic view contain the same column name: the ID from the Customer attribute view and the ID from the Product attribute view. In the output, the system automatically renamed one column to ID_1. You want to indicate that ID_1 originated from the Product attribute view by renaming it to ID_PRODUCT.

Where in the attribute properties of ID_1 can you change this?


4. Which mapping do you use for objects which are maintained in customizing?


5. What do you have to define in an attribute view to reduce the initial amount of data selected from the data foundation tables?


6. What is a document splitting method?


7. What is True about CDS views for expired tables?


8. Universal Journal entry table (ACDOCA) stores:



Which view need be considered in development for read operations on mass data required?


10. Which of the following are advantages of running SAP HANA Live embedded in the SAP Business Suite?


11. On which level can you activate central payment?


12. Which of the following describes an SAP HANA analytic view?


13. User should securely distribute information across your organization, the ability to ask and answer own questions, able to print reports.

What are the best SAP available tools to meet the requirement?


14. In an SQLScript calculation view, one variable contains the records that are the result of a SELECT * statement from a database table with 10 fields. You want to use this variable to populate a new variable with the same result set restricted to 1 of the 10 fields.

Which CE function do you use?


15. In a graphical calculation view you specify the default client to be dynamic.

How is the client value determined when the view is used?


16. What must you do to replicate project definitions and WBS elements? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.


17. You need to retrieve data from SAP HANAthat is restricted to a certain region and specific users.

How can you implement this security strategy?


18. The Fiori Launchpad designer is the standard tool for:


19. Which information model can you use with measures from multiple fact tables?


20. Why do you call S/4 HANA an Agile approach?


21. Which system/function use the System Landscape Directory (SLD) to determine the local business system?


22. Which of the following tools can you use to load data into SAP HANA from SAP DataSource extractors?


23. When you create a new set of mappings, the system proposes a default set of mappings based on a preliminary examination of the characteristics or value fields being mapped?


24. SAP S4 HANA, which ones are correct:


25. SAP Simple Finance is


26. In your company, you tend to go through many reorganizations, which often leads to extra master data maintenance work.

Which grouping functionality can save you time maintaining profit center groups?


27. You are building a calculation view and want to select data from an analytic view.

How can you achieve better performance for this requirement?


28. In which of the following can you use a FOR loop over your data?


29. The derivation of profit center can happen through assignments to which objects? There are three correct answers.


30. You want to create a custom attribute in addition to your data model.

How can you achieve this?


31. Which of the following steps are key factors for a successful Central Finance implementation? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.


32. You develop a disaster recovery plan.

What do you have to consider in case of a disk failure?


33. Which of the following are functions of the controller in the SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) server?


34. The Universal journal entry document number is dependent on:


35. Which security settings can you apply in analytic privileges?


36. In an SAP S/4HANA system, you have two profit centers with the same profit center code and the same validity period, but different names.

What does this indicate about the configuration of the profit centers?


37. Which privilege type do you have to assign to a role, when you want to provide row-level access to data?


38. In an analytic view, you need two different logical joins from the data foundation to an attribute view. The analytic view already contains the attribute view but you have to use the attribute view again.

To which of the following do you connect the second join?


39. What are the advantages of using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services to load data into SAP HANA? in You can merge data streams.


40. Which of the following tools use SQL to communicate with SAP HANA?


41. Is it possible to post a value directly to a standalone profit center?


42. You want to add a column to a calculation view that displays the year-to-date revenue of the current fiscal year.

How can you achieve this?


43. Company needs to load external data from a flat file into SAP HANA.

How can you do this?


44. Which event triggers the transfer of COGS to the Central Finance system?


45. Which tasks can you perform with the data provisioning view in the SAP HANA studio?


46. An SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence report throws an SQL error during query execution.

Which of the following could you check to resolve the error?


47. Which delivered role is mandatory for a system administrator in SAP HANA?


48. What happens when you turn on replication of an SAP ERP source system using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)?


49. Required installation components for Central Finance are:


50. In which order are views consumed by the SAP HANA Live virtual data model?


51. With HANA, much of logic execution performed in Application server instead of Database.


52. Which document splitting Customizing settings do you maintain to ensure that financial statements can always be produced separately for each profit center?


53. You have a table of transactional data with different transaction types. You want to create an analytic view for only one of the transaction types.

How can you ensure that only rows with the required transaction type are displayed in the analytic view?


54. Which of the following are functions of the DB trigger within SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)?


55. what are the capabilities of the Customer/Vendor Integration (CVI) business function? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.


56. Which data provisioning method can you use to load data from SAP business content DataSources into SAP HANA?


57. Which technologies use trigger-based replication?


58. Which of the following are characteristics of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP BW) when migrating it to run on SAP HANA?


59. What is correct about data process using HANA Database especially SAP stand point?


60. Existing programs and interfaces can still be used access via compatibility views:


61. How can you improve the performance of a report that is based on SAP HANA data?


62. Which of the following remote data sources can you access with SAP HANA smart data access?


63. You are implementing the SAP CO-PAAccelerator to enable real-time profitability reporting.

Which configuration steps must you do?


64. True or False: Parallel valuations’ multi-valuation ledger updates multiple ledgers.


65. User A has to set up tables and views in a database schema that is owned by user B.

Which of the following privilege must you grant?


66. Where can you deploy the column view of a decision table?


67. To ensure all that profit center master data is accurate and complete, we use which of the following?


68. You want to load a large amount of source data (more than one billion rows) into SAP HANA for read-intensive information models.

Which table type is recommended for this scenario?


69. With Universal Journal, one line item table with full detail for all components. Data stored only once, so no reconciliation needed by architecture, and reduction of memory footprint through elimination of redundancy.


70. Universal Journal Entry, which ones are correct?


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