SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 Developer P_C4HCD_1905 Exam Questions

The “SAP Certified Development Professional – SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 Developer” certification exam validates that the candidate possesses the required level of knowledge to work effectively with the SAP Commerce Cloud Suite 1905. If you want to clear SAP P_C4HCD_1905 exam on the first attempt, then you should always focus on your preparation level. With the help of the SAP Commerce Cloud 1905 Developer P_C4HCD_1905 Exam Questions provided by PassQuestion, you will be able to clear the SAP P_C4HCD_1905 exam on the first attempt.

Test Online SAP P_C4HCD_1905 Free Questions

1. In SAP Commerce, if multiple PriceRows match a price request which PriceRow has priority?


2. What are feature specific to the SAP Commerce, financial services accelerator?


3. Which SAP solutions can be integrated with in SAP Commerce out-of-the-box? (3)


4. How does the concept of categorization work in SAP Commerce? (2)


5. In the standard SAP Commerce accelerators, what are the CMS navigation nodes used for? (2)


6. What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features does SAP Commerce offer? (3)


7. Your apparel store currently offers color and price range facets.

Which attributes would also be appropriate for Solr faceting? (2)


8. What do you need to know about search profiles? (2)


9. Which checkout scenarios are supported out-of-the-box in the SAP Commerce, B2C accelerator? (2)


10. You are asked to propose an automated high-performance solution for updating the products on a retail store’s web site. You are also told that the product portfolio is only updated at the beginning of the month.

What would you propose for this requirement?


11. How does Personalization mode in SmartEdit visualize multiple customizations simultaneously? (2)


12. You want to create a new web page.

What are page templates used for? (2)


13. What can you do in the BackOffice Administration Cockpit? (2)


14. What is the difference between boost rules and promoting items? (2)


15. You would like to create a new web page based on existing content using SmartEdit.

How can you do this? (3)


16. Why do you create multiple search profiles? (2)


17. Why might you use an ImpEx script? (3)


18. What happens when you recover a saved version of a page in SmartEdit? (2)


19. You want to feature a page on your storefront that can only be viewed by a special user group.

What SAP Commerce user interface do you use to do this?


20. You want to acid changeable product attributes which are NOT used in the business logic.

How would you do this?


21. What is the Application Management according to the SAP Application Lifecycle Framework for Commerce? (2)


22. Which SAP solutions can be integrated with SAP Commerce out-of-the-box? (3)


23. Which features are specific to the SAP Commerce, telco and media accelerator? (2)


24. What does the Cart & Checkout module provides out-of-the-box? (2)


25. Which out-of-the-box features do Commerce Customizations provide? (2)


26. Which calculations are performed by the SAP Commerce price factory? (3)


27. How can you configure personalized versions of a webstore for two different user groups using personalization based on SmartEdit? (2)


28. What does SAP backend integrations provide out-of-the-box? (3)


29. What can you do in the Basic Edit mode of SmartEdit? (3)


30. Which features are specific to the SAP Commerce, B2B accelerator? (3)


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