SAP System Security Architect P_SECAUTH_21 Real Questions

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1. A user reports an issue with data not showing up in the visualization of the SAP Fiori tiles. You want to verify the target mapping.

At what level are you going to check the target mapping?


2. Which authorizations should you restrict when you create a developer role in an AS ABAP production system? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.


3. What are characteristics only valid for the MDC high isolation mode?


4. You have configured a Gateway SSO authentication using X.509 client certificates. The configuration of the dual trust relationship between client (browser) and SAP Web Dispatcher as well as the configuration of the SAP Web Dispatcher to accept and forward client certificates were done. Users complain that they can’t log in to the back-end system.

How can you check the cause?


5. You want to create an SAP Fiori app for multiple users and multiple back-end systems. To support this, you create different roles for the different back-end systems in the SAP Fiori front-end system (central hub).

What transaction do you have to use to map a back-end system to one of those roles?


6. What reference is used to connect multiple Cloud Connectors to one SAP Cloud Platform subaccount?


7. You are using the SAP Web Dispatcher for load-balancing purposes.

Which actions are performed by the SAP Web Dispatcher in this scenario? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.


8. You are consolidating user measurement results and transferring them to SAP.

What act on do you take?


9. A security consultant has activated a trace via ST01 and is analyzing the authorization error with Return Code 12.

What does the Return Code 12 signify?


10. Which basis transaction provides an optimized user interface for evaluating authorization checks only?


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